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Digital Accessibility is a fascinating, complex subject that can seem to be quite scary but actually, the principles of it are quite logical and straightforward.

The biggest challenge we find is getting people started on their digital accessibility journey.

We love sharing our experiences and our thoughts through this blog.

Whether it is looking at accessible web design, an accessibility audit or any other aspect of digital accessibility, we hope that you find them interesting and engaging.


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The Importance Of A Responsive Website

Posted on 7 March 2015

What is responsive design? Tablets and smartphones have transformed the typical approach towards user experience and accessible website design. Before...

Responsive web design on mobile tablet and smart phone devices

Choose responsive website design, while only 11.8% of websites are using it

Posted on 6 March 2015

It seems that, these days, many people who talk about web design frequently refer to responsive website design and...

Close-up of a man in a suit holding a magnifying glass over a computer tablet with binary digits overlaid across the image

Google is cracking down on non-responsive websites!

Posted on 5 March 2015

Find out if your website is responsive to stay in the Google rankings!Higher Google rankings mean more traffic to...

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What could IBM's new Design Language mean for accessible website design?

Posted on

The American multinational technology corporation IBM is undoubtedly a highly regarded company. In 2012, it was named by Fortune...

A pen drawing of the Battle of Waterloo

Why not use accessible website design to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo?

Posted on 4 March 2015

What do you know about Waterloo? No, we don't mean the ABBA song or the London railway and tube...

A painting of the signing of the Magna Carta

2015: a good year to use responsive accessible design for a website about the Magna Carta

Posted on

Of course, we have no idea if you are already aware about this, but 2015 marks a crucial anniversary...

A woman sitting down holding an iPad

What the iPad's history suggests about responsive website design

Posted on 3 March 2015

Five years have now passed since Steve Jobs, then the CEO of Apple, publicly unveiled an intriguing new device...

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SEO Case Study - The Apple Barn, Chichester

Posted on

The Apple Barn sells vintage furniture just south of Chichester. Here’s a great case study of how we got them...

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Tips for making your website's design more environmentally friendly

Posted on

We reckon that everyone should be encouraged to be more green in their everyday lives. No, wait, put that...

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Website Templates - The Most Well Kept Secret of Web Designers

Posted on 11 February 2015

What are you really paying for? When you look for a website designer you probably look at two main things,...

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Why a responsive website can help people who travel around the world

Posted on

For many people, travelling to various countries around the globe can be a lot of fun. However, it can...

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Access by Design are offering you a free website review!

Posted on

Why your website may need reviewing… You might be thinking about your marketing strategy for 2015 and we want to...

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Tips for helping to shorten your website's loading times

Posted on

Do you have a need for speed? Actually, you probably do even if you don’t currently realise it. That’s...

Mobile phone showing text with text reading respsonsive design

The frustrations of using a non-responsive website

Posted on 30 January 2015

It is astonishing to think that we are now in 2015, in an age of digital revolution where over...

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How online health businesses can keep their customers beyond January

Posted on 1 January 2015

January has always seemed a very peculiar month. Coming so soon after the excitement of Christmas, it seems to...

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Access by Design is moving to the Cloud!

Posted on 18 December 2014

Why? Our company is growing and the Cloud can provide more security, reliability and more processor power to meet...

Chalkboard with key words associated with web design

Web design trends that we expect to become more popular in 2015

Posted on 12 December 2014

It seems like a good time to judge how the general nature of web design could change in the...

Torii gate at Miyajima, Japan

Crucial web design tips for breaking into the Japanese market

Posted on

Japan has often seemed like a bizarre country to many of us in the western world. This is undoubtedly...

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The importance of a good logo for your company

Posted on

We have the experience and expertise to give your company a highly accessible website. Still, how much use is...

View of the city and bay with yachts.

How having a Responsive, Accessible website aids your business through local tourism

Posted on 11 December 2014

It should come as little surprise to people these days of the importance of a responsively designed website. It...

9 Accessibility Badges, all in different colours

Access by Design: Online Accessibility for Everyone

Posted on 28 November 2014

We currently live in a very exciting time. Our development as a species has increased exponentially with the age...

Businessman using a high tech image display with the word SEO

SEO Case Study - D M Gibson, Stonemason

Posted on 10 September 2014

David Gibson is a stonemason based in Bognor Regis. Last year he spent more than the average person’s annual salary...

Good bye typography BW old movie screen

Waving Goodbye to 5 Web Design Trends

Posted on 9 September 2014

The web design industry is fast-moving – blink and you will miss something! Like with any industry, trends come...

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Stock Imagery Blog - Why your website need stock imagery!

Posted on 7 July 2014

Stock imagery is available on many web platforms including Thinkstock, iStock and Shutterstock. Access-byDesign have a yearly business subscription...