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We do not know why you are on our website right now but we are very glad you are here.

You may be here because you are interested in the idea of having your existing website redesigned, or perhaps you are a new business and are looking for a website that does not cost too much but still looks good on mobiles, tablets, desktop computers and widescreen TVs? We would recommend having a look at our award-winning products. If you are looking for a bespoke design, we would invite you to follow this link to our portfolio of recent projects.  If you are on a more restricted budget, it could be that our flagship product, Run Your Own Website is what you need. In either case, you are in good hands because the build quality of every website we make is of the highest standard.

Perhaps you are looking for a website accessibility audit and found us on Google? Our Audits are the most comprehensive to be found anywhere. This is because of the depth of knowledge we have in accessible website design, rather than just running a few automated tools and checkers.

Whatever brought you here, please do have a look around if there is anything we can help you with, please do let us know. Our phones are manned 24/7 so please do call us on  01243 776399 anytime!

We are experts in accessible website design

We are Access by Design and we are award-winning experts in web design. Chichester-based,  we have built beautiful, accessible websites for many clients including Start-Ups, Sole Traders, SMEs, Parish Councils, Charities and a Global Brand valued at over $4 Billion. Every client we work with gets the same attention to detail and the build quality of our websites is second to none. We are not a large agency with huge overheads. What we are instead is innovative, flexible and responsive.

Website Accessibility is more important than it has ever been and, at long last, is finally started to get featured in the mainstream media. We have always designed our websites to be as accessible as possible and we have won awards for our approach to our work.

We love what we do. We love creating beautiful bespoke websites and training our clients to manage them. We also love being able to provide our clients with a more restricted budget with the same build quality, through our lower-cost website offering, Run Your Own Website)  The build quality will always be exceptional. This is because we do not buy in templates from anywhere, we always code our own. That way, we ensure that every website we build will work for everyone, regardless of the device they are using and regardless of their ability or disability.

We love WordPress!

WordPress is the most widely-used website software on the planet. Over 40% of all websites online today are built with WordPress. We have always used WordPress for every website we have ever made. What makes us different is the fact that we do not buy 3rd party templates and we will never compromise on this. We do not cut corners, we just ensure that every website is built properly without any shortcuts. Our clients love WordPress because it allows them to have a high degree over their website in a flexible way and puts them in control.

Let us make it fully accessible …

We are called Access by Design because we want to prove to the world that it is possible to have a fantastic website that works as well for people who are blind or have other challenges when using websites, as it does for anyone else. They may have difficulty with fine motor control and prefer to use a keyboard rather than a mouse (read our blog on The Tab Test to understand more about this), they may use a screen magnifier and simply not be able to use a website that does not have one central navigation point from which every page can be accessed. There are a lot of different needs that visitors to your website may have, and it is important for your business that you are able to accommodate them. The rules that should be followed to achieve this have been around since 1999 and we, at Access by Design, have always made sure that we meet or exceed those rules from the very beginning!

... because Google is Blind!

Several years ago, Google started preferring websites that were accessible for people with different needs over websites that were not. If you think about it, Google itself is blind and it can tell very quickly how well a website has been built and how well that website will meet the needs of the people who visit it. It is in Google's interest to do this because it wants to maintain its reputation of giving people what they are looking for. 10% of people who use the web have a disability of some kind and that is a large group of people that Google needs to keep on board!

Beautiful, Accessible, Web Design, Chichester and Outstanding Website Accessibility Audits.

To survive in business these days, you need to get more business than your competition. Access by Design, award-winning web design Chichester, will help you do exactly that! We will build you a website that looks amazing on every device and is extremely Google friendly! This is why we won the Product Innovation Award at the Observer Business Awards!

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If you would like to find out about having an accessibility audit of your website and would like to choose a date and time to suit you, please follow this link to book an audit consultation.

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