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Do You Really Need a Sign Up Sheet On Your Website?  

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This is a question that most website owners find themselves asking. Basically, sign up sheets work to capture data from your visitors. If you have a lot of traffic to your site, then you should definitely think about putting one on there, especially if you don’t have a long list of email addresses for direct marketing purposes.
Whether you choose to put a sign up sheet on a separate landing page, or on your main accessible website, it would be wise to consider the benefits of doing so. These include:

a) Information Gathering

You should always think of sign up sheet registrations as auditoriums of empty chairs. You can assign labels to each row and column and allow people to pick those chairs in the room that match their choice. When they are seated, you can then gather more information about them – such as their phone number, email address and name. Therefore, in a nutshell, sign up sheets are important because they allow you to collect information that is pertinent to your company from potential customers, allowing you to direct your marketing efforts more towards certain preferences.Similarly, if designed well,these sheets will help you control the types of questions you can ask. This means that you also have ultimate control over the type of information that people give to you.

b) Time Saving

Additionally, sign up sheets will save you and your company a lot of time. This is in the sense that instead of calling different people via phone, or sending individual emails to thousands of people, you can just create a sign up sheet where they can provide their information to your responsive website.

C) Fewer transposition errors

Take a phone number down over the phone, and you could get it wrong. Get your customer or potential customer to fill it in and there are less likely to be any errors.

D) It shows interest

If a potential customer has requested more information, or signed up to receive your newsletter then it’s a firm sign that they’re interested in you and your business. These are the kinds of leads you wouldn’t necessarily get all the time, so make the most of them and stay in your potential clients inbox regularly with marketing missives and you may pick up some business.
In conclusion, if you own a website, and don’t have much of a marketing list, then a sign up sheet will likely help you to get one. If you speak to a web design Chichester company they will be able to help you design a sheet to suit you. Whether you offer something in return for them signing up is completely up to you, but usually offering special offers for subscribers has a good sign up rate. Just make sure you follow up on your subscribers to keep them connected to your business.

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