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Think of a printed brochure

We might pick up a brochure if we are waiting for something and we have nothing else to do, if you are in a waiting room, for example. We might give it a cursory glance and, if there is something that interests us, we might study it a bit more closely. We will make often make snap judgments about whether we do this because of our initial reaction. Was it clearly laid out? Was it easy to understand? Are you confident you know what that company does and then whether it is of interest to you?

That brochure is sitting there, all the time, waiting to be looked at by somebody who just might be seeking what they are offering.

Most websites are exactly the same. If your website is just to inform people about what you do but nothing else, it could be called a brochure website. One that is sitting there, 24/7, 365 days/year, ready to be "picked up", often via a Search Engine.

A collage of various colorful website designs displayed at an angle. The designs include images, text, icons, business info, a house with solar panels, and different layouts. They showcase diversity in style and content presentation.

Your brochure needs to get "picked up"!

Before you consider what impact your website might have on a visitor, you need to get them to visit it in the first place! Search Engines are generally quite clear in what they expect to find on a website when deciding whether to place it higher up their rankings or not. The more boxes you can tick for search engines, the better your rankings are likely to be, which is why making sure that your website is built properly is so important.

There are many advantages, of course, that a website has over a printed brochure. You can keep it updated, you can add new information generally when you want to and, if it has been designed correctly, your website will adapt itself beautifully to look its best on whatever screen size or device you are using to access it.

Your website must meet the needs of many different visitors!

One of the reasons why every brochure website we create goes through over 80 checks is to make sure that it looks its best on new browsers and old browsers, big screens and smaller screens, mobiles and tablets and so on. We give every visitor to your website the option to view it with a different text size or a different colour contrast to the one that it initially used. This latter point can be very important for neurodivergent people such as those with ADHD or dyspraxia.

The process

If we are going to design a bespoke brochure website for you, we will always begin by working with you to develop a brief that will allow our amazing designer Polly to create a design that you will fall in love with! If you do not love your website, how can you expect anyone else to feel the same, which is why getting the design right is so important!

Once this has been agreed upon, we move on to building your website, putting all the content (words and images etc.) together and we present this to you for sign-off before we undertake the 80 + checks we do every time, to make sure that everything is absolutely working correctly for you.

Once it is ready, we let all the search engines know but remember this: your website is never finished! If you do not have new content added on a regular basis, search engines will lose interest and few people will find it. You do not have to d this yourself. we could quite happily do it for you, on your behalf!

We make the process as painless as possible!

One of the reasons we have so many loyal customers is because we do work very hard to support and look after them. Sonia, our wonderful account manager, has got a wonderful way of making our clients feel special and cared for, she is so committed to each and every one of them. Whether this is your first or fifth website, we want you to feel comfortable that you are with an agency that will always put your needs first.

If you would like to find out more, why not call us on 01243 776399?

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