Tips for helping to shorten your website's loading times  

on February 11, 2015 at 11:30am |Updated on February 2, 2024 at 12:15pm Clock Icon isolated on white background

Do you have a need for speed? Actually, you probably do even if you don’t currently realise it. That’s because, if you have set up a website for your business in order for it to better compete with other businesses in the same sector, the appeal of that website – and, by extension, the business – could be unnecessarily compromised if it does not load sufficiently quickly.

From the web design Sussex-based company Access by Design, here are some tips that can help you to trim how long it often takes for visitors to your company’s website to bring up its pages on screen.

Delete unnecessary parts of your website

What we reckon you should do before anything else is cut parts of your website that aren’t genuinely needed. Often, a webpage can take a long time to load simply because there is so much on it that has to be loaded. Typically, text does not do much to lengthen loading times, but images and videos can be horribly data-heavy. Still, be meticulous when trying to discern what should go and what should stay. Don’t be afraid to take your time over this before you start deleting.

Split each overly big webpage into multiple shorter webpages

Have you tried looking over a particularly lengthy webpage for unnecessary parts of it to cut, but have just struggled to find any? There is an alternative way of tackling the dilemma of it taking a long time to load: splitting it into more than one webpage. This could also have the benefits of making your company’s website’s layout look more professional, plus making webpages less overwhelming to people with short attention spans… and, let’s face it, that’s probably most of us.

Make sure that the white space is all right

White space can look good on a business website; it can, for example, make the website look more professional and, as a result, make the business itself look more professional. However, you should also be careful that your company’s website isn’t using so much white space that there is an overly negative effect on loading times. White space will contribute at least a few bytes to the website’s size, so see if you can remove any of it without adversely affecting the website’s overall appeal to your company’s target customers. We at the web design Chichester company Access by Design wish you luck with your endeavours.

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