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Web design trends that we expect to become more popular in 2015  

on December 12, 2014 at 3:05pm |Updated on February 18, 2015 at 12:26pm web design chalkboard

It seems like a good time to judge how the general nature of web design could change in the approaching few months. We should emphasise that we can’t state as fact what will happen in the future; Access by Design is a Chichester web design company, not a team of psychics. Still, we can use what we do know about web design to judge what trends seem especially likely to blossom in popularity in 2015.

Design that makes for a responsive website

Responsive website design has been popular for years now, and with good reason. In the modern age, smartphones, tablets and phablets are all commonly used to access the Internet. Therefore, the computers and other devices commonly used to access the Internet are probably greater in variety than they have ever been, so a design that enables a website to remain just as useable on screens of many different sizes has obvious special value.

Providing great visual content in the form of videos

The most successful websites tend to not just inform their visitors, but also entertain them. Often, without offering enough fun stimulation for its visitors, a website will not even succeed in keeping them around long enough to be much informed. One of the best ways in which a website can genuinely engage visitors is through enabling them to watch enjoyable video content. Video content can be especially fun for users of mobile devices.

The pleasant 3D effect of parallax scrolling

Scrolling is something that many people have to do on even a very purposefully accessible website. So why not make this basic function more fun? Many people have already done this by making use of what is called parallax scrolling. This kind of scrolling creates a cool 3D effect through having the website’s background move slightly more slowly than its foreground.

Stripping down designs – in other words, making them more minimal

Less really can mean more for the creation of an accessible website design. Many web designers have long known this and accordingly adhered to minimalist design principles – we see no good reason why this trend shouldn’t become even more popular in 2015. Indeed, a minimalist website design can have practical advantages in, for example, making the content easier to digest and encouraging an especially accessible website through less powerful devices, like less advanced specification smartphones.

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