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Digital Accessibility is a fascinating, complex subject that can seem to be quite scary but actually, the principles of it are quite logical and straightforward.

The biggest challenge we find is getting people started on their digital accessibility journey.

We love sharing our experiences and our thoughts through this blog.

Whether it is looking at accessible web design, an accessibility audit or any other aspect of digital accessibility, we hope that you find them interesting and engaging.


Young woman without arms training hard in martial arts

Why Is Involving Disabled Individuals Crucial for Accessibility Audits

Posted on 17 February 2024

Why is it important to involve individuals, in accessibility audits?In our world it's crucial to ensure that websites are...

A rabbit is halfway out of a burrow and looking ahead, other rabbits are around it

How to Make Your Site User-Friendly for Everyone

Posted on 16 February 2024

Web Accessibility Basics In todays era it is not a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility to ensure that...

A sleeping baby elephant looking very happy and peaceful, protected by his mother who is standing over him

Ensuring Equal Access to Your Website

Posted on 14 February 2024

From Breaking Barriers, to Enhancing Online Experience In a time where the digital world is constantly expanding it has become...

A man is filling in a form on a website and pointing at the screen

The Importance of Correctly Labelling Forms in Accessible Web Design

Posted on 13 February 2024

The importance of clarity and usability cannot be overstated in the realm of web design.Forms play a role, in...

An eagle is flying high in a blue sky

A Comprehensive Guide to Website Accessibility Best Practices

Posted on 12 February 2024

In todays world of technology it is more important, than ever to ensure that your website is easily accessible...

A computer keyboard looks like it has melted. The keys are wonky in places and most of the keys markings on them that do not make sense

The Crucial Role of Keyboard Navigation in Accessible Web Design

Posted on 11 February 2024

Keyboard navigation is an aspect of web design that greatly impacts the usability of websites for a diverse range...

Chichester Cathedral. In the foreground is a lawn and some trees, under a blue sky

Embracing Accessibility: The Cornerstone of Web Design in Chichester

Posted on 10 February 2024

Accessible web design doesn't limit creativity; instead, it fosters it. In today's landscape having an online presence is crucial, for...

6 vertical bands of colours fanning out from the bottom. Red, yellow, lighjt green, dark green, dark blue and light blue

Why Colour Contrast is Important in Accessible Web Design

Posted on 9 February 2024

Colour contrast plays a role, in the world of web design ensuring that digital content is easily accessible to...

Man on a mountain is gazing into the distance, across a misty landscape. A snow-covered mountain range is far off.

Investing in an Accessible Website is the Best Investment You Could Make

Posted on 8 February 2024

You make the choice Investing in a website that's accessible, to all, is a choice for your business. In today's...

A cluster of beautiful yellow flowers set against a blue sky with wisps of cloud

If you want to have an accessible website built, where do you begin?

Posted on 7 February 2024

Creating a website that's accessible, to all users is a step in promoting inclusivity and ensuring equal access to...

A kestrel with outstretched wings is soaring in the air with a blue sky and the sun shining through some clouds

What benefits does Accessible Web Design bring to your business?

Posted on 6 February 2024

Unleashing the Power In todays era, where having a presence is crucial creating a user friendly website has become essential...

Iona Bateman - Website Accessibility Audit Team

The Importance of Accessible Web Design for Voice Recognition Software Users

Posted on 3 February 2024

Our incredible team of experts, in website accessibility testing includes Iona, who has a hand disability. Due to this...

A beautiful unicorn with its wings outstretched is flying in space. The earth is in the background and the sunlight is creeping over the top.

Why a fully accessible website is like a unicorn

Posted on 2 February 2024

What is the connection, between these two? In the world of myths and imagination unicorns gracefully prance through the dreams...

a young female athlete is sitting in a racing wheelchair. She has long hair, a pony tail, blue eyes, no legs and is wearing black leather gloves.

How WCAG 2.2 Accessible Web Design Empowers Everyone

Posted on 1 February 2024

In todays age of technology the Internet has become a source of information, services and opportunities. However it's important...

closeup of a hand holding a marker pen. In the background is a flow chart that outlines a decision-making process: plan – strategy – teamwork – decision, with options to continue or to finish.

Strategies and Revelations from Website Accessibility Audits

Posted on 31 January 2024

Exploring Inclusion, in the Digital WorldIn todays paced world it has become crucial for organizations committed to promoting inclusivity...

Cartoon of a clenched fist

Unveiling Access A Holistic Approach to Digital Inclusivity

Posted on 30 January 2024

Accessibility in the realm of the world holds a crucial role, in fostering inclusivity. "Unveiling Access;...

A blue sky with wisps of cloud

A Website Accessibility Audit Demystified

Posted on

Shedding light on the importance of accessibility In todays era ensuring that websites are accessible has become a crucial element...

Cartoon of a man with a checklist in front of a car. There is a certificate in the foreground.

The parallels between a website Accessibility Statement and an MOT Certificate

Posted on 27 January 2024

What's the Common Ground? At glance a website accessibility audit and a cars MOT test certificate may seem unrelated.. Upon...

Cartoon drawing of a computer screen with a speaker symbol in front of it

The challenges faced by screen readers

Posted on 26 January 2024

What are screen readers? Screen readers are assistive technologies designed to enable individuals with visual impairments to access digital content,...

a cartoon drawing of a wooden bridge

Bridging the Gap: The Unified Principles of Physical and Digital Accessibility

Posted on 25 January 2024

Introduction Creating spaces, products and technologies that cater to the needs of individuals is crucial, for ensuring inclusivity. Whether in...

The Access by Design Website Accessibility Audit Team: Krista (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader),  Mede (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader),  Iona (Superpower: Cannot use hands, Weapon: Dragon Dictation),  Sara (Superpower: Neurodivergent, Weapon: Dark Mode), Lleona (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: NVDA Screen Reader),

The importance of website accessibility testing with disabled people

Posted on 24 January 2024

Creating Welcoming Websites for Everyone! In a world driven by the digital revolution ensuring website accessibility is of importance. With...

A window with large chain across it

Is it OK to open Links in a new window?

Posted on 15 January 2024

Dealing with link behavior is an issue that my team faces when conducting Website Accessibility Testing.Whenever you click on...

Clive giving his TEDx Talk in 2022. He is standing in front of a lectern. Text reads “New follow-up talk for 2024!”

New Website Accessibility Seminar for 2024

Posted on 11 January 2024

My TED Talk on Website Accessibility Website Accessibility. What it means for your organisation in 2024.I had the enormous privilege...

 website buttons, Shop Now, Book Now, Log In, Contact Us, are positioned around a cartoon of a confused face, scratching its head.

Buttons and Links - common misconceptions

Posted on 10 January 2024

This is an issue. In my website accessibility audits I frequently come across a problem; buttons that visually look like...

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