How having a Responsive, Accessible website aids your business through local tourism  

on December 11, 2014 at 2:48pm |Updated on February 18, 2015 at 12:28pm View of the city and bay with yachts.
It should come as little surprise to people these days of the importance of a responsively designed website. It has been researched that more than half of internet users browse the web solely on mobile devices. In fact, tablets have become so popular, that for many they present a more suitable alternative to laptops and traditional desktop computers.

 Realise the connection between local tourism and your business potential

No matter what industry your business specialises in, there is a good chance you will have had to rely on local tourism for customers as some point in your business history. This is more apparent if you own an ice-cream shop on the beach, however a town shop may also benefit from the increased footfall local tourism brings.

We attended an informative seminar on this topic which was run by the Manhood Peninsula Partnership. The presentation demonstrated the importance marketing directed at local tourists to help boost local businesses. For more information, feel free to visit the Manhood Peninsula Partnership website, created by us at Access-byDesign, by following this link.

Increasing tourism demands will require some upgrades to your website

Nearly 70% of online bookings in 2013 in England were made on mobile devices. Therefore it is paramount that you ensure your website has a responsive design. If you are a hotel owner which offers an online booking service, it is crucial that it can now be done on a smartphone or tablet.

Even if your website looks beautiful on your desktop monitor, if it is not responsive it will not look the way you want it to on other devices and will ultimately result in your customers leaving your site. Indeed, 84% of mobile users when faced with a non-responsive website will leave within a few minutes due to the frustration of the lack of functionality.

How can I upgrade my website?

This is where this Chichester web design company can help. If your website is not responsive and you are looking for a new responsive redesign, we are your local company to contact. Call us now on 01243 776399 or receive a free quote by following this link.

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