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Should a website that is fully accessible for disabled people cost more?  

on October 6, 2022 at 10:35am |Updated on October 6, 2022 at 10:46am Two international disability symbols, one with a red x above a pile of coins, the other with a green tick above a stack of gold bars

Should accessibility be expensive?

Should a website that is fully accessible for disabled people cost more?

How much more would be reasonable?

After all, if you are going to build a website that is fully accessible for disabled people, it means that you are going to build it correctly.

It means that you will build it so that it falls within the guidelines and, most importantly, it will be able to be used equally well by every visitor, regardless of the device they are using, the browser they are using and whatever their accessibility requirements might be.

We have always included it at no extra cost

We have never charged extra for website accessibility. Each bespoke website we create goes through over 80 checks, and we have just always done it. It takes time, of course, but, in the end, you get a website that lasts far longer and has far fewer issues.

However, bespoke websites do take a long time.

A lower-cost alternative

That is why, 7 years ago, we took one of our fully accessible, bespoke WordPress websites and developed it into a flexible product that would allow clients with a smaller budget to have exactly the same high level of accessibility that our bespoke websites have. We called it Run Your Own Website, and it quickly became our biggest-selling product. Especially when our clients learned that we can turn a completed website around within 30 days.

We do not use accessibility plugins or overlays. We never have and we never will. Instead, we just do it properly.

Follow this link to visit Run Your Own Website

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