Where Will Web Design Be 1 Year From Now?  

on December 8, 2022 at 8:57am |Updated on June 3, 2024 at 2:18pm

Technology is advancing with each passing day in the 21st century. The internet has
become an essential part of our lives. Whether you need to order food, book a flight, or
count your steps, the internet is what you reach out for. Web design is an integral element of
the internet, which is why its future is considered bright. There have been many
advancements in artificial intelligence. Virtual reality has progressed thanks to the efforts of
Metaverse. Web design trends have become global and many new trends are expected to
rule the World Wide Web in a year’s time.

Immersive 3D Worlds

A computer touchscreen with buittons under the text Choose Yours

Many websites have been creating immersive scrolling experiences to pull more viewers to
their websites. As VR has become more dominant, completely immersive websites have
also been developed. Immersion gimmicks have been there for a while now. However, it is
expected that the users will be taken on a journey through the digital space with the help of a
craning camera and subtle music will be played when websites are loaded (with the
permission of the viewer) for a rounded experience. Even 3D logo designs will become more
popular due to their extra dimension which grabs attention.

Advanced logo design characteristics or logo design elements will be incorporated to achieve
the success of immersive 3D designs.


This stylistic website trend is expected to dominate web design and win over more realistic
websites. The imaginative and escapist nature of these websites is what makes them
appealing to the viewer. The reliance on the call-to-action button for conversion will decrease
with time and the overall visual experience will be trusted to leave a lasting mark on the
viewers. It would take a lot of effort to pull off but the revolutionary thought behind it will
make it attractive to all.

Digital Maximalism

The idea of “less is more” which has become more popular in the recent past is expected to
be refuted completely by designers. In a year’s time, it can be expected that designers will
rebel against minimalist designs and go for complete overstimulation. This means that
designers would completely deny the use of white spaces and instead, aim for customizing
every single element on a webpage. From animated foregrounds and backgrounds to
flashing images and bursts of colors, all elements of a maximalist design structure will be
adopted and appreciated.
Instead of making things simpler and easier for the viewer, quirky and detailed designs will
be used to heighten entertainment for users and increase their engagement as a result. Use
experience will be prioritized over user accessibility.

Dark Mode

A darkend image with a shadowy character wearing a basecall cap
Dark mode can be considered the future of web design. Dark mode is considered ideal by
many designers for making any website stand out amongst others. The perfect high-contrast
backdrop is expected to rule the internet and more specifically, website design within a year.
There are several reasons that dark mode is being embraced by more designers. The first
one is the ease it provides to the users as it reduces eye strain which is a common concern
of many users. Websites have been using the dark mode to allow users to engage with their
content more comfortably. Secondly, an ultra-modern look is created by the dark mode that
can add to the aesthetics of the web design. Another important reason is that it allows
designers to highlight other design elements by darkening everything around them.

Scrapbook Aesthetic

Screen shot of Planarium Website featuring a cat wearing glasses
The old-school scrapbook aesthetic is expected to make a great comeback in the world of
web design. The desire to reclaim the natural world will bring this style back in trend as it
combines elements of the physical world with the digital world for a more interesting user
These web pages will include hard-written lettering, collages, and sticker graphics to evoke
the feeling of turning the pages of a school zine. By instilling this sense of intimacy in web
design, viewers will be engaged more deeply with the digital world and their attention will be
grabbed. This will not compromise on the importance of more high-tech trends but will simply
link them to the real world.


While these are certainly important changes that are expected to determine the future of web
design, they will be completely altered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Unique website navigation styles and domination of 3D design will take over the world of
websites. The rebranding will also occur in a year and it will be approached differently by
each business and designer. One thing that will determine the overall revolution in web
design is the global nature of these expected design changes.

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