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Top 20 Google Tips #11 - The Tab Test!
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Top 20 Google Tips #11 - The Tab Test!

Top 20 Google Tips #11 - The Tab Test!

Here's my 11th tip, a brilliant way of checking your website than anyone can do and it only takes a few seconds. Check it now!



*** Transcript ***

Hi, I'm Clive Loseby from Access by Design and I'm talking to you today about 20 things you need to know about your website and Google in 2017

Number 11: the tab test. Now it's easier to do than to explain so probably the best thing is if you get your website up right now and start pressing the tab key. What you should see is that the pages will be highlighted as you move across. If you look at this diagram you if it just goes along the top and nothing else then it will fail. If, however, it passes the tab test you will see the the each page is highlighted and each sub page is highlighted as well. What you should basically be able to do is get to every single page on your website from one point using the tab key.

Why would you use the tab key? Well if you're blind you can't use a mouse so you use the tab key to navigate The tab test is a very quick way of finding out about the build quality of your website so you can do it right now.

Press the tab key and you should see it go through your navigation. If it goes through all the sub pages as well then pat yourself on the back because that's a big bonus!
Probably 99.9% of websites in the world fail the tab test and guess what? Google can evaluate whether you will pass or fail this test in a microsecond.

The tab test, check it now

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