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July is Disability Pride Month  

Posted on 8 July 2022 disabilitypride2022

Events are important

We need events to remember the crucial issues that affect large groups of people. Whether it is a specific awareness day, week, month or a live event such as a rally or a march, it is vital that we have them. There are so many things going on in our lives, all of them competing and demanding our immediate attention, they will drop off our radar otherwise.

I understand that. Everyone who works in raising disability awareness understands this, this is why we keep posting and sharing each other's posts because we all have the common aim of getting the message out there. For us all, every day, every week, every month is about Disability Pride.

We have such a long way to go

I have talked incessantly about website accessibility for disabled people for 15 years, whether people really wanted to hear about it or not.

I have talked to business owners about the huge economic benefits of making your website accessible for disabled people, 80 billion quid, after all, is quite a decent chunk of money to tap into.

I have talked about the legal requirements and the need to avoid litigation.

I have seen lights turned in people's eyes as the penny drops with them but still no action is taken.

And this is why

I am reminded of the following I came across recently:

  • No one changes unless they want to.
  • Not if you beg them
  • Not if you shame them
  • Not if you use reason, emotion, or tough love.
  • There's only one thing that makes someone change:
  • Their own realisation that they need to do it
  • And there's only one time it will happen:
  • When they decide they're ready

So until then, we just have to keep putting it out there!

Would you like to find out more about this?

My TEDxTalk explains, in a very non-techy way, what website accessibility for disabled people actaully means, how it affects your own website and what you should do about it. Please follow this link to watch it:

If you would like to find out more about website accessibility, we now have a website dedicated specifically to the subject! Please follow this link to visit it:

If you are interested in a free initial review of the accessibility of your website, why not book yourself a consultation? Please follow this link to do so:

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