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Clive Loseby had a chat with Sarah Williams from Action Coach  

Posted on 18 September 2022 Clive Loseby  Owner, TEDx Speaker

It is always really nice to be asked to give an interview and I recently had a lovely chat with Sarah Williams from Action Coach, over Zoom.

I felt sorry for the poor chap who had to edit it afterwards because it was scheduled for 15 minutes or so and ended up going on slightly longer!

Anyway, I explain why I am so passionate about what we do and why I would not swap it for the world.

However, it is not just about accessibility, being Action Coach, it is also very much business-focused. Having made every conceivable mistake myself over the last 16 years, there are a few tips in there that might be useful to anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge and starting their own business.

The subtitles are auto-generated and not within my control but it is not too bad. The other thing of note is that, since this was recorded,  I have had another fab addition to my accessibility audit team, Krista Giannak!

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