Accessibility is not just about wheelchairs!  

on March 21, 2022 at 1:14am |Updated on April 23, 2022 at 1:32am A person with long hair, wearing a turquoise sweater and a red backpack, is pushing a baby stroller down a residential street. The image is timestamped 06:58 in the bottom right corner. Various parked cars and houses are visible in the background.

I saw a feature on the BBC local news this morning about pavement parking. Cars parked on pavements mean that people pushing prams, people using mobility scooters and people in wheelchairs have to use the road instead, which is obviously far more dangerous.

In London a new law has been introduced, making payment parking an offence and I am sure that we will see this rolled out across the rest of the country in due course. As someone being interviewed pointed out, it is fine to make it an offence but if it is not enforced, it is not going to be very effective.

Anyway, the article makes the obvious connection that improving accessibility does not just benefit disabled people and that thoughtless parking on pavements affects other people as well.

I am sure that no-one parking on a pavement would do it to deliberately endanger the safety of other people, they just have not thought about it. In the same way, when web designers create a website that is inaccessible for disabled people, it has not been done deliberately, it is just done without giving any thought to it.

All the information anyone needs on building a website that is accessible for everyone has been available since 1999. If your website is accessible for disabled people, everyone else will benefit as well!

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