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The word accessibility and a wheechair symbol on a comouter keyboard

Test your website with The Tab Key!

Posted on 22 April 2022

How to quickly check if a website is accessible When I use the word "website accessibility", I mean "website accessibility...

Wheelchair sign against green nature background

Aren’t all websites accessible for disabled people?

Posted on

It is easy to know if a building is likely to be accessible for someone in a wheelchair.For example:...


What are the benefits of having an accessible website?

Posted on

What does website accessibility mean? The benefits of having an accessible website are almost too many to mention! However, firstly,...

Web accessibility wheelchair symbol on a computer keyboard

Why is it important that disabled people audit your website?

Posted on

This may seem to be a completely obvious question but, sadly, not everyone who carries out a website accessibility...

Banner with statement, a stop sign and a wheelchair sign with a red cross on it

Why accessibility plugins are a bad idea

Posted on

I am passionate about website accessibility for disabled people. I have the privilege of knowing many other people who...


Clive interviewed on Vectis Radio

Posted on

The day before my TEDx Talk, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ian Mac, the owner of...

Female hands, her wrisits are tied with rope

You can see but you cannot touch. What do you do?

Posted on

Iona is one of my fab website accessibility testers. She used to photograph some of the world’s biggest rock...


So what is wrong with dropdown menus?

Posted on

The benefits of using a dropdown menuDropdown menus are a convenient way of keeping your website clean and uncluttered....

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