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Grab their attention in those crucial first few seconds!

Current analysis suggests that someone visiting your website for the first time will decide whether to stay and explore your website further or leave (never to return) within the first 7 seconds of landing on your home page. That is a sobering thought. It goes some way to explain why websites will often have pop-ups appearing after a few seconds, an eye-catching animation or strong visual, anything they can do to keep you on their websites for just a tiny bit longer, desperately hoping you will get past that 7 second period and actually have a proper look around.

It will have taken you approximately 15 seconds to read the above opening paragraph, twice as long as visitors have to make the crucial decision. This is what a large number of digital marketing agencies will base their entire strategy on. A Call to Action here, a “Sign UP For Our Exciting Newsletter” there and so on.

No, wait, you don't even have that!

Now, what if I told you that actually you only had one-tenth of a second to convince your visitor to stay?

That is how long you have with Google! In that time, it will have analysed your home page, checked your hosting, security, mobile-friendliness, counted up the number of errors (of which there are usually many) AND read all the content! Google then decides where to place your websites in its Searches.

Given, then, that you will never be able to maintain Google’s interest by using the usual marketing gimmicks, doesn’t it make sense to take a different approach?

So how can you encourage visitors to stay?

If your website is designed and built properly with no errors, it will welcome every visitor to your website equally. They will all feel at home and most certainly stay!

We have won awards for the quality of our websites, they literally reach out to everyone! Why not give us a call on 01243 776399 and see if we can help you grow your business through building you a top-quality, Google Friendly website that meets the needs of ALL your visitors.

Perhaps, instead, you just like to know the 3 things you could to TODAY to get your website higher up Google?

Book yourself a slot now and find out!


Remember, one-tenth of a second isn’t very long at all!

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