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What are the benefits of having an accessible website?  

Posted on 14 April 2022 GettyImages-475992862-w

What does website accessibility mean?

The benefits of having an accessible website are almost too many to mention! However, firstly, let me explain that when I use the term “website accessibility”, I am talking about website accessibility for disabled people. In the same way that someone who is disabled might use a wheelchair to help them with their mobility, someone who is blind might use a screen-reader and a keyboard to help them, or someone who is unable to use a keyboard or mouse but can see the screen and uses Dictation Software instead. Two of my amazing team of website accessibility testers, Mede and Sara, fall into these categories.

Keeping it real

Anyway, when I talk about website accessibility, I always use real-world examples to explain the concept, it is always much easier. You do not need to understand coding standards, WCAG guidelines, assistive technology or any of the other slightly confusing terminology that exists around website accessibility, as long as you understand the concept. The rest is for your web developer to sort out!

A real life example

You have a narrow doorway. It is too narrow to get through in a wheelchair but it is also difficult for someone with a pram, or carrying heavy bags of shopping to get through. The doorway gets widened and now someone in a wheelchair can get through. Not only that, someone with a pram or with heavy bags of shopping, or even both, can get through with ease!

 If you understand this concept, you will realise that everyone benefits, not just disabled people. A more accessible world is easier for everyone!

Check out my TEDx Talk

If you would like to find out more, please check out my TEDx Talk. After this talk, I guarantee that you will never look at a website in the same way again! Please follow this link to watch it:

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