Google Vlog #06 - REALLY tell Google your phone number!  

on November 21, 2017 at 5:30pm |Updated on June 12, 2024 at 10:15am

Here's my 6th tip, how you can REALLY tell Google what your phone number is, with a novel twist to an old technique!

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Hi my name is Clive Loseby and I'm from Access by Design.

I'm talking to you today, giving you 20 tips about your website and Google in 2017 and today I'm talking about number 6; telling Google your phone number.

In my last tip I was talking about the importance of having one phone number that's got a local area code. That's fine, now this is where you tell Google what it is. If you look at the screenshot here this is a typical website you can see up the top you can see there's a phone number. You can see that phone number is repeated down the bottom as well. That's quite common, that's in two places.

Now look at this. That same phone number is being repeated another half a dozen tines. Why? Well one of my earlier tips I was talking about the importance of the image tags in which you can use the alt tag to tell Google what the image actually is.

Here's a tip for you. Put your phone number in it as well! Putting in your local rate, your local area phone number into your image tags can really help you with Google and actually all of these phone numbers, they basically refer to the fact that each of these images has got a tag on so I can see at least half a dozen more times in which that phone number is being used.

So in total, instead of telling Google that what your phone number is twice, you tell it 8 times! It's little things like this that can do wonders for your business particularly with your Google local rankings.

That is my tip for today.

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Thank you

Clive Loseby, Access by Design. Award winning website design, Chichester.

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