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Yesterday's presentation and exciting news!

I really enjoyed giving my 60 min presentation yesterday on Your Website and Google in 2020, thank you so much to everyone who came along!For those who were not able to come along, I have put it up on You Tube, the link to it is in the comments below.I was able to go into more detail than I would normally but even so, I soon realised that an hour was not nearly long... read more »

SEO - Stupidly Expensive Obfuscation!

Yes I know. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation but I decided the above definition was more appropriate in many circumstances! Just in case you are not entirely sure what it actually is about, let me explain:"SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results."Thanks to for the above definition. Why this article? I'm... read more »

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Top 20 Google tips #14 - The truth about SSL

Blog rewritten in light of recent changes Sometimes developments on the internet happy extremely fast. The video is made for this topic is already out of date, so I have decided to drop it and replace it instead with this blog I wrote recently... just imagine I am in front of camera as you read!SSL Certificates. This subject has so much incorrect information, I wanted to explain what SSL Certificates are, what they do and... read more »

A beautiful whale emerging from the water

20 things about Google - Thing 09 - What is beautiful to Google?

Take a look at this picture of a whale. I do not think it would be controversial to say that most of us would describe this as beautiful, magnificent, awe-inspiring and so on. If this image was put up straight from Getty Images (which is where it came from), it would have the exciting title of ThinkstockPhotos-588367274.jpg. That doesn’t tell Google (or anyone else) what it is in even the most basic terms.Let’s... read more »

20 things about Google - Thing 08 - Google loves You Tube and so should you!

Everyone’s talking about video for their websites! You simply must do it yourself and here’s why!  Google loves video if it’s on You Tube. It’s become extremely keen on promoting You Tube since it bought it for a few zillion quid a few years ago. Don’t bother with Vimeo or any of the other video platform if you want Google to be interested in your website, it’s a simple as that! Why put Video directly... read more »

20 things about Google - Thing 07 - Google loves HTML 5!

Have you heard about HTML? It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the code that is generated and passed to your Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc..) so that your website can be displayed.Before 2011, websites were coded using HTML 4. The problem with it was that there was no way of telling Google which bits of the text on the page were more relevant. Have a look at the image below.It... read more »

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20 things about Google - Thing 06 – A new use for your Alt tag!

In my previous blogs I have written about the importance of starting from where you are geographically. This is because Google really wants to promote your business locally, at no actual cost to you. This is a recurring theme in my blogs and I want to take it one stage further by telling you something I am fairly confident you don’t already knowTake a look at this picture below:read more »

20 things about Google - Thing 05 -Google Phone Home!

In my last blog I wrote about the importance that Google places on where you are actually based. Its free Google Local service is a brilliant tool that we should all be using.Today I am going to take this further and I need to warn you that you might not want to hear what I have to say. You don’t have to take this on board, I am just putting it out there because... read more »

'web design birdham - Google Search

20 things about Google - Thing 04 Do you like your Local? Google does!

How far would you travel to meet a customer? 5 miles? 10 miles? 100 miles? How about if the local ones could come and see you instead? People like to deal with local businesses, they tend to get a better, more individual service. Google understand this and introduced Google My Business a few years ago. It is a free service so, if you have not yet registered your business with Google, you should do... read more »

20 things about Google - Thing 03 - Watch Your Language!

In my last blog, I talked about the need to make sure your website is worked well for people with different accessibility needs, as Google has been considering this as a very important ranking factor for at least 3½ years. Another way to look at this would be to think of Google as a person. This person has the power to put you in front of more potential customers that you can ever dream... read more »

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