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How to Migrate Your Business Online

The consequences of the deadly epidemic have been truly harsh on people. However, certain reports reveal a considerable increase in the close of traditional businesses. Rather than dwelling on the pain, damage, and uncertainty, migrating your business online is probably the wisest decision. This decision will help you survive and thrive during these tough economic times. While consumers prefer online shopping more than in-person shopping, moving your business online is important. In a nutshell,... read more »

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Expanding our team again in a different way!

Live website audits One of my favourite parts of what I do is working with my Team on the Live Audits. It is always an enlightening experience but a sobering one at the same. I do not know what it is like to be blind and use a screen reader, or be unable to use a keyboard or mouse and use dictation software. However, when my team share the screens with me, sharing their daily... read more »

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Enlightening and horrifying!

I would like to share a comment I received on Monday from a web developer after I presented them with a digital accessibility review of a 6th-form college website. “And Clive, if I take this moment (as the development team working on the amends) - the video and audio walkthroughs were both incredibly enlightening and horrifying at the same time. We've worked with accessibility companies in the past, but the level of detail you... read more »

Photos of the Access by Design Audit Team: Iona, Mede, Sara, Krista and Lleona

LinkedIn tried to become more accessible and it sadly backfired

LinkedIn has decided to automatically add an alt tag when you post with an image. A commendable attempt to improve accessibility on LinkedIn. Except that, if you have already added it, it replaces it. I uploaded my team photo with the Alt Text as follows: "Photos of the Access by Design Team: Iona, Mede, Sara, Krista and Lleona" LinkedIn helpfully replaced this with the following: "graphical user interface, application, Teams" I do not want to criticise LinkedIn for wanting to improve... read more »

Photos of the Access by Design Audit Team: Iona, Mede, Sara, Krista and Lleona

Let me ask you a question

If you truly wanted to find out how accessible your website is for disabled people, does it make sense to use disabled people to help you find out? If the answer is yes then you know the first question to ask when you’re looking for somebody to work with you on improving your digital accessibility! I’ve been working with accessible web design... read more »

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The European Accessibility Act

The train is coming. The European Accessibility Act comes into force on the 28th June 2025. At this point, website accessibility becomes enforceable within the EU. The effects of this will be far-reaching and, just like GDPR, every country in the world will fall into line. Digital accessibility, along with all other forms of accessibility, has never been more important than now. However, 230 million websites fail to meet even the most basic standards of accessibility. Let... read more »

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What happens when you fall at the first hurdle?

Accessibility audit for a sixth form college I completed a website accessibility audit with a college recently. Like other colleges, they have a certain amount of disabled students attend each year. They needed an audit done because they had been required to by the UK Government’s Digital Service. However, given the fact that they have disabled students and will have in the future, it was also important for them to understand themselves what the... read more »

How much would you rather spend on exactly the same audit? Option A is next to a bag of money. Option B is next to 5 bags of money. You choose

Which would you rather pay, for the same website accessibility audit?

Legal action has already begun I have been working with a client recently, undertaking an accessibility audit of their website. Unfortunately, they are being sued because their website is not accessible to disabled people. They have brought me in to understand what the problems are and to develop a roadmap to resolving the issues. They will be protected from future claims My audit details the issues with the website and what could be offered as alternatives whilst it... read more »

A table with 2 benches fixed to it, gaps are on the other sides for wheelchairs. A sign on the floor reads “Polite Notice Please prioritise these tables for disabled users”

A different accessibility statement

I love this accessibility statement! I was out walking along this seafront this morning and came across this. It is a set of 8 outdoor tables and seating, in front of a café. This sign is in front of each of the 4 tables in the front row. It reads: “Polite Notice Please prioritise these tables for disabled users” How many times do you see tables like this but fixed benches all around them, leaving no... read more »

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Do you just want to tick boxes?

What are you looking for? When it comes to the accessibility of your websites, do you just want to tick boxes? How many boxes do you want to tick? It is not a loaded question, but it is usually one of the first ones that I ask. I get a lot of enquiries from organisations and businesses who want help with... read more »

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