Winner Chichester and Bognor Business Awards 2024

Access by Design Award Winners once again!

We are delighted to announce that we were winners at the Chichester and Bognor Business Awards last Friday, in... read more »

Interior of a grand theatre, focusing on the stage where a musical is in full swing. The theatre features plush red seats and an ornate proscenium arch framing the stage. On stage, a witch dressed in black is dynamically flying across on a broomstick. The backdrop of the set includes an enchanted forest, illuminated by dramatic stage lighting that casts expressive shadows. Across the image are the words Wicked - Upgraded!

How to make Wicked even more so using Accessibility Services!

I was lucky enough to watch Wicked The Musical last night at the Mayflower, Southampton. I had seen it... read more »

A cartoon character of a man with a horrified expression, his hands up by his cheeks, with wide eyes and an open mouth to emphasize his shock. To the side, there's a mischievous-looking cartoon mouse standing on a computer keyboard. Below them, in a comical font, it says: Oh no! Not the c-word!

Oh no, not the c-word!

What is the C-Word with Web page accessibility? Click Here. Er...Click Where?Click here. Three simple words that are incredibly frustrating.... read more »

A silver credit card lying flat on a plain surface, The numbers are flat, and blend into the background, making them very difficult to read. Sunlight streams in from a nearby window, creating a strong natural lighting effect with extremely bright highlights and soft shadows on the card and surface. The words Nationwide Select Nightmare! are printed on the card.

The need for a colour check is not just for websites!

A real-world experience with a credit card My elderly father has been hospitalised for some time but will be coming... read more »

A birthday cake with the words Happy 25th Birthday WCAG 1.0. The cake has candles that are burnt down, bent and broken

Happy Birthday WCAG - Accessibility!

What is WCAG? Accessibility means what exactly? 25 years ago, WCAG 1.0 was introduced.The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Version 1.0These... read more »

A laptop with a very bright light coming out from it. A girl has closed her eyes and is looking downcast.

The problem with white backgrounds

White backgrounds affect some neurodivergent people.Symptoms can include headaches and exhaustion.I see this at first-hand with two of my... read more »

Graphic of Chichester Cross inside a large letter C, within a 5-pointed golden star. Text below reads: Chichester and Bognor Business Awards 2024.

Finalists at the Chichester and Bognor Business Awards 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that we are finalists at the Chichester and Bognor Business Awards 2024, in the... read more »

Young woman without arms training hard in martial arts

Why Is Involving Disabled Individuals Crucial for Accessibility Audits

Why is it important to involve individuals, in accessibility audits?In our world it's crucial to ensure that websites are... read more »

A rabbit is halfway out of a burrow and looking ahead, other rabbits are around it

How to Make Your Site User-Friendly for Everyone

Web Accessibility Basics In todays era it is not a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility to ensure that... read more »

A sleeping baby elephant looking very happy and peaceful, protected by his mother who is standing over him

Ensuring Equal Access to Your Website

From Breaking Barriers, to Enhancing Online Experience In a time where the digital world is constantly expanding it has become... read more »