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The Brief

Cover Storey Architects have a stunning new website!

Cover Storey Architects was started in 2016 by Daniel Stroud. Daniel has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, having worked on an impressive range of projects, many of which were large scale. When he started his new company, he needed to have a website built very quickly for it.

Enter Run Your Own Website, perfect for affordable web design

Our low-cost flagship product, Run Your Own Website, had been up and running for 6 months and we had 15 or so websites launched with it already. It was ideal for what was needed at the time and we were able to get it built and launched within a couple of weeks.

Like all our Run Your Own Websites, Cover Storey’s website was Mobile, Tablet and Google Friendly, as well as being fully accessible to visitors with different accessibility needs. They could update the content quite easily and it was exactly what they need initially: a credible web presence.



WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery


WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery



Time to upgrade

This website met their needs very well initially, as a start-up business, however their portfolio began to grow and, a year later, they felt that the time was right to upgrade to a bespoke website with us. They wanted to have a website that accurately reflected their ethos and their aspirations, as an architectural practice with a proven track record..

The Consultation Process

As with all our bespoke clients, the process began with an initial consultation. We have a questionnaire that our bespoke clients must fill in and they made sure they answered all of our questions thoroughly. Not only that, they put together a fantastic presentation for us in which another member of the team, James, effectively conveyed their aspirations in extensive detail. I filmed his presentation on my phone so my designer Polly could watch it.

In 11 years of web design, I would consider this to be the most thorough brief we have ever had! Polly came up with a stunning set of designs that I presented to Daniel and his team a few weeks later. Architects, as you would expect, have an eye for detail and Polly’s designs were discussed from every angle. I was delighted to say that, as has happened with all her previous designs, Polly’s stunning designs were accepted, albeit with a few very minor modifications.

I love Polly’s work, she really is quite brilliant at understanding the needs of our clients. She came with some fresh, contemporary and truly outstanding designs and we were ready to proceed with the build.

3 mobile images taken from the Cover Storey website



Images Speak Volumes

We always stress to our clients the importance of having very high quality images and Cover Storey will certainly able to provide those. On their website, each category of their work displays individual projects with a smooth rollover effect on each, giving the headlines of the project. Each project has got a slideshow at the top along with large images below and we believe that the entire website shows Cover Storey’s work at their best!

Innovative Web Design, Chichester

We have built over 300 websites over the last 11 years and we are extremely proud of each one. We are delighted that we were able to provide Cover Storey with a low cost website when they started and feel honoured that they wanted to us to help them move up to the next level. Have a look and see for yourself!  

Whether you are looking for a bespoke website or an off the shelf website using our fantastic Run Your Own Website, the perfect affordable website solution, call us now on 01243 776399!

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