The Brief


Sam Latham, the founder and owner of South East Signage has been passionate about windsurfing, eventually competing internationally for Team GB. Recognizing a demand for eco-friendly sports signage to support athletes and sponsors, Sam was inspired to establish South East Signage.

The inception of South East Signage occurred during Sam's degree placement year at Bournemouth Art University, where he gained diverse skills in design and manufacturing. With a deep respect for the environment instilled by his windsurfing background, Sam aimed to revolutionise the industry by offering sustainable alternatives to traditional PVC stickers.

Sam's commitment to sustainability led South East Signage to adopt Polypropylene (PP) for sail stickers, a material with better environmental credentials. To facilitate recycling, Sam established a program for competitors to return used PP stickers, minimizing waste and landfill contributions. Furthermore, the company transitioned to water-based inks and explored recyclable options for PVC products.


Bespoke Web Design and WooCommerce Development, WordPress


WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery



Previously Sam had a WordPress website he had built himself, using WooCommerce for selling his products. Although he is highly creative, he did not have the skills to code his own website so he did what anyone would do in his position: he built it himself using commercial templates, themes and plugins.

The problem was that the website was incredibly slow and was constantly breaking. There were plugins conflicting with other plugins and it was a constant challenge to keep it going.

We were invited to create a bespoke WordPress theme with fully integrated WooCommerce, which is our speciality. It was a large project, with a lot of individual designs, all of which were hand-coded. All the plugins that had been used to create visual effects were removed and instead, all of the design code was written into the theme.

This is always the best way to create a WordPress website, you should never use a plugin to create a visual effect, it causes far more problems than it solves. The beauty of WordPress is the stability of its code and it is very popular amongst its userbase. The drawback is when you buy commercial themes and try to make it all fit together, as Sam found out.




The website has been running for smoothly nearly 2 years and, now we have upgraded our server to LiteSpeed, the website take advantage of all the benefits of that this brings, including a fast page-load spead.