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15 minutes that could transform your business!  

Posted on 12 November 2020 A ranking chart showing just one visitor from Google. in 3 years

I had a Zoom call earlier this week with a chap I had met through networking. He had taken advantage of my offer of a 15 minute session to learn about the three things he needed to do to get better rankings with Google. I do not sell SEO, I build websites but I know a lot about what Google is looking for and I like to share that knowledge with others.

It is usually easy for me to quickly identify why a website is not performing very well but this particular one was a real challenge.

It was built with WordPress, the template wasn’t too bad, the home page containing only around 11 errors. It was hosted in the UK and there was a reasonable amount of content on it. There was a blog that had been updated regularly for the last 3 years. In other words, it ticked most of Google’s boxes. I expected to see it high up on Google for a least a few keywords.

It was almost nowhere. Page 5 was the highest it had reached for a fairly obscure search term and the traffic to the site was non-existent.

I looked more closely and discovered that it was not possible to select ANY of the text on the website, almost as though it was all inside images!

It turns out that he had been advised by an “expert” that, if he was worried about intellectual theft, he should protect his website so that nobody could copy any of the text. This he had done himself.

The problem, of course, is that Google couldn’t read a single word on the website! It explains everything!

He had a .com domain and I suggested that he switched the domain to a UK one, delete the site from Google, and resubmit the entire site afresh. He should see a massive improvement over the next few weeks!

If he had not had those 15 minutes with me, he would have never known. I suspect he wished he had seen me 3 years ago but better late than never!

If you would like 15 mins with me, free of charge, why not book yourself in using the link in the comment below. You might be amazed at what you might learn!

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