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How to get your web designer to understand what you want

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How to get your web designer to understand what you want

Planning a new website, whether that’s an overhaul of an existing web design in Sussex or a brand new venture, can seem like a mammoth task. It’s important to get it exactly right – and with so many companies offering free websites to build yourself or cheap, low specification sites it’s tempting to impulse buy just to put a tick in the ‘website’ box. But simply having an online presence isn’t enough now. You... read more »

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5 Reasons You Need Your Social Media and Your Website to Get Along

Developing the perfect website for your business requires proper utilisation of SEO services. Social media marketing has been described as an ideal way of bringing online traffic to your website. In addition to this, social media links also play other key roles to the development of your personal or business website, as long as it has a responsive accessible website design. Here are 5 reasons you need social media links on your website. 1. Easy... read more »

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Do You Really Need a Sign Up Sheet On Your Website?

This is a question that most website owners find themselves asking. Basically, sign up sheets work to capture data from your visitors. If you have a lot of traffic to your site, then you should definitely think about putting one on there, especially if you don’t have a long list of email addresses for direct marketing purposes. Whether you choose to put a sign up sheet on a separate landing page, or on your main... read more »

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