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Run Your Own Website. Now with WooCommerce!  

on November 21, 2019 at 11:19am |Updated on January 30, 2024 at 10:54am Run Your Own Website Logo

Always seeking innovation

We are always looking to innovate as a company. We won the Product Innovation awards in 2015 for being "quick off the mark" in 2011. 2011 was a year of huge changes in website development.  It saw the advent of Responsive Design and HTML5 and we were one of the first companies in the UK to adopt both. Responsive design, by the way, is a way of designing websites that look great on different screen sizes. We went a step further and combined with our existing expertise with website accessibility to create world first, Responsive Accessible Design. 

Recognised for our work in web design, Chichester.

We were Highly Commended last year, again for product innovation, this time with Run Your Own Website. Run Your Own Website is, in effect, one of our bespoke websites turned into a lower cost product. What started out as a lower cost system that was primarily aimed at sole traders has developed into a sophisticated product that meets the needs of so many businesses, regardless of their budget.

RYOW takes another step forward!

Option 5 Run Your Own Websites have the greatest flexibility and some of them have integrated e-commerce, such as Earth Seed To Bloom, which we launched last year. However, since then, as we have been developing a beautiful bespoke website for The Wiston Estate, which has integrated WooCommerce, we felt it would be a logical step to use that knowledge of WooCommerce and integrate it with Run Your Own Website. WooCommerce is by far the most popular and well-supported e-commerce integration with WordPress.

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved this feat and launched our first Run Your Own Shopsite last week!

Working with one of our fantastic clients!

LL Pianos is a fantastic piano shop in Northwood, South London. Run by James Little and Paul Lambert, they have a very strong reputation for excellence in their work. They import used pianos from Japan, completely strip them down and rebuild them.They are both registered blind and I had a fascinating day with them a few years ago, filming them as they demonstrated their extensive knowledge. The videos are on the website and well worth a watch! The website we originally developed for them, some years ago, also allowed visitors to buy their pianos, using a simple PayPal button system.

The advantage of this, was that the cost of creating and maintaining the products was very straightforward. The downside of course is that customers are unable to create their accounts. If you can create an account with an e-commerce website, you are far more likely to do repeat business with them because they can just log in with a username and password in the future.

We approached them and suggested that, as the previous website was several years old, it might be time for a refresh. We suggested that a Run Your Own Website Option 5 with WooCommerce could be feasible.

Why our approach to web design is different

Most agencies buy templates, this is especially true with e-commerce as creating a bespoke template that fully integrates with e-commerce is quite difficult to do. However, the knowledge that Polly gained during our work with the Wiston Estate allowed us to do just that with Run Your Own Website!

The new look is stylish, clean and easy to use, we think it looks great! We have some other clients who have also have older e-commerce websites with us and they are also migrating to WooCommerce, so expect to see a steady stream of shop launches over the next couple of months!

If you’re looking for a top quality Yamaha piano, we would suggest that you look at their website, the quality of the products is simply exceptional!

Could this work for you?

If you think that the idea of a cost-effective integrated e-commerce system into your website is something that is of interest, why not have a look at  Run Your Own Website option 5? It could be the best investment you make this year!   

Run Your Own Website allows us to turn them around quickly, as it already contains our 13 years of experience in designing and building accessible, Google friendly websites. Do feel free to call us on (01243) 776399 for a chat if you would like to find out more about how we may be able to help you grow your business with a top-notch shopsite!

Clive Loseby

Access-By Design and Run Your Own Website. Award-winning web design, Chichester. 

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