The Brief

A refresh without a full redesign can be done!

Sometimes it is possible to freshen up a website without doing a complete redesign, if you designed the previous one. That is exactly what we have done with Premier Motorhomes. This has the advantage of being able to turn around a website more quickly and it is also more cost-effective.

Premier Motorhomes is an independent motorhome dealer based in West Sussex. They supply both new and used models of top brands including Adria, AutoSleepers, Bailey, Chausson and Dethleffs.


Web Design & Development, WordPress


WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery



We built them a bespoke Wordpress website for them back in 2016. The main function of the website was always to show the motorhomes they had for sale and, as the stock was frequently turning over, it was essential that they could maintain it themselves. Sometimes a motorhome they had sold would come back for resale and so they kept every motorhome on the website, activating them as appropriate.

Although they had their own large, excellent showroom, they would often have enquiries from around the country and therefore having their website running 24/7 was vital.

We have had a close relationship with them over the last five years, maintaining the website on a monthly basis and making minor changes as required, as well as having real-time monitoring on the website so we were always aware straightaway if there were any issues. This also meant that a refresh was easier as the code was constantly maintained,

3 mobile images taken from the Premier Motorhomes website



What we did

Like many businesses, getting through the last 2 years has been very but they did feel that perhaps now it was time to think about a refresh of some kind. We had a consultation with them and Polly, our fabulous designer, set to work.

We changed the overall colour scheme to white instead of black and introduced a new cleaner typography. We increased the size of the slideshow, made a greater use of icons, reintroduced their  blog and worked with the client by encouraging them to write new content on a regular basis. We also included a finance calculator with each motorhome and gave the entire website a feeling of freshness.

The redesign was turned around speedily and we are all really pleased with the result, please follow this link to see for yourself: https://premiermotorhomes.uk/

Now just a few weeks later we have a newly re-vitalised site that is much more modern clearer and vibrant!”

If you are thinking about refreshing your website for 2022, when not give us a call on 01243-776399 and see how could be of service to you?

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