The Brief

The big idea

Partycloud is the brilliant idea of Sally and Amy, who both have young children. It's simple in concept: if you want to put on a party for your child, where do you look? Google is the obvious answer but you aren't just looking for, say,  a children's magician in Emsworth. You are also perhaps looking for someone who can supply the food, the decorations, invites and so on. Where do you then look? That's the idea behind Partycloud!





Web Design & Development, Directory & WordPress


WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery


First time around

Their first site was launched around a year ago. As is often the case, the website was originally built with a template bought from Theme Forest and a selection of plugins were downloaded. The difficulty with doing this is that the theme bought inherently has coding and accessibility issues, each plugin will have their own issues and the website gets bogged down in a sea of JavaScript conflicts and coding errors. Directory websites tend to be slower than brochure websites anyway because of the amount of information about each supplier has to be fully searchable and, the bigger the site, the more work has to be done to return results.

3 mobile images taken from the Party Cloud website


A fresh approach

When we met Sally and Amy, we understood their frustration and worked with them to come up with a completely fresh design concept for them. As with all of our bespoke websites, the initial design process is extremely important as the designs we create really need to encapsulate the essence of the business before we can start the actual build. As well as the look being right, it was really important that Party Cloud was able to deliver the kind of functionality that Sally and Amy wanted. Building websites is often a learning experience for both clients and designers, particularly when there is a need for more complex functionality and Sally and Amy both had a clear idea what they wanted.

We built the website in Wordpress, as we usually do and all of the design and functionality was coded by us. From a visitor's perspective, the visuals are pretty key and we think it looks stunning. Every supplier doesn't just have their own page, they have the ability to put up a lot of pictures, have testimonials, receive enquires, with a map to their location.

There is a location bar on the home page, along with categories down the right hand side, browse by key themes and by age group, featured suppliers further down and many links to useful information everywhere, it just looks gorgeous! They recently picked up an award for their website from Winchester City Council and we are looking forward to a long ongoing relationship with them as their business grows and grows.

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