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Digital Accessibility is a fascinating, complex subject that can seem to be quite scary but actually, the principles of it are quite logical and straightforward.

The biggest challenge we find is getting people started on their digital accessibility journey.

We love sharing our experiences and our thoughts through this blog.

Whether it is looking at accessible web design, an accessibility audit or any other aspect of digital accessibility, we hope that you find them interesting and engaging.


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Would you drive a Tesla with only 3rd Party Insurance?

Posted on 3 June 2021

Of course you wouldn’t! However, I am finding websites that do actually have an accessibility statement (most of them...

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

Posted on 19 May 2021

May 20th 2021 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! For the last 15 years, we at Access by Design, have been...

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Let’s talk about the C Word

Posted on 6 May 2021

The C Word. A word that could be offensive to some of your visitors when they come to your website....

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Website Accessibility – ignorance is no longer an excuse!

Posted on 29 April 2021

There is just so much misinformation and misunderstanding about website accessibility, where your legal responsibilities lie, what it actually...

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All that glitters is not gold… that is why websites need an accessibility audit!

Posted on 22 April 2021

I have just finished a website accessibility audit for a publicly-funded organisation in the UK. Their website had been...

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I am afraid that will cost extra…

Posted on 1 April 2021

I took a call yesterday from a Town Council. They had just had their website rebuilt and...

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Grants towards a website upgrade if your business is in the Chichester area

Posted on 26 March 2021

Hot off the presses today: From the Economic Development Team 26 March 2021 Enabling Grant SchemeWe are really pleased to announce that...

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Drop your Cookie Banner or risk prosecution!

Posted on 18 March 2021

Really? Come on Clive, that’s a bit extreme isn’t it?Well, read on and judge for yourself….Cookie banners break Accessibility...

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Google is laughing at you…

Posted on 11 March 2021

…and it’s not sending anyone to your website!It is just SO annoying, isn’t it? You have spent ages building...

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If you have a Cookie Banner on your website, you should read this!

Posted on 4 March 2021

Do you know what a Cookie Banner is? You see them on most websites.They usually appear at the top...

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Are you in the top 1% for what you do?

Posted on 18 February 2021

In surveys, the majority of men consider themselves to be above-average intelligence and above-average drivers. Statistically, that is of...

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7 seconds is all you get!

Posted on 19 November 2020

Grab their attention in those crucial first few seconds! Current analysis suggests that someone visiting your website for the first...

A traffic trend graph showing a flat line at 0 from the start up to near the end, where there is a sudden spike reaching 4. The y-axis represents traffic volume, and the x-axis represents time. Tabs for 1M, 6M, 1Y, 2Y, and

15 minutes that could transform your business!

Posted on 12 November 2020

I had a Zoom call earlier this week with a chap I had met through networking. He had taken...

Business Charts with calculator and pen

What an Accessibility Audit REALLY is!

Posted on 30 September 2020

If you are in Local Government, the Fire Service, the Heritage and Conservation sectors or, in fact any...

An online accessibility checker showing 109 accessibilty errors

What you see is NOT what you get!

Posted on 25 September 2020

Standards are important When it comes to websites, there are 2 sets of coding standards that should be followed: ....

A man at his computer struggling with coding errors on his website. If you want an error-free website, call us today! 01243 776399

The truth about Templates and your Website!

Posted on 11 September 2020

If you are talking websites, what does a Template actually do? Well, if you didn’t have one, your website...

Cartoon of a smirking car salesman in a suit standing in front of a row of colorful cars with signs like

The problem with choosing a website provider...

Posted on 3 September 2020

... is like buying a car!I know nothing about cars, I can’t even change the oil on...

A grayscale image features a pen on a two-tone surface. Text reads,

Just do it properly!

Posted on 27 August 2020

If you cannot write code yourself but you still want to build websites, what do you do? You buy...

A flat lay photo of a wooden desk with a typewriter, book, and notepad. An illustration of a hand holding a money bag is on the left. Text on the right reads,

Which would you rather spend £2,500 on?

Posted on 5 August 2020

Let us assume you are a Parish or Town Council. You have to spend £2,500 on one of the...

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Yesterday's presentation and exciting news!

Posted on 24 June 2020

I really enjoyed giving my 60 min presentation yesterday on Your Website and Google in 2020, thank you so...

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Everyone has a Why. This is ours.

Posted on 22 May 2020

Celebrating You Clive Loseby Interviewed by Maria Anderson-Contrerashttps://youtu.be/VAK7qpejFsYGoogle is Blind. If your website does not work well for blind...


Easy payment scheme now available!

Posted on 25 March 2020

(Please note, in line with good accessibility practice, all links open in the same browser window, please press your...

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What you DON'T see is what you REALLY get!

Posted on 20 March 2020

Anxious times but also an opportunity?The impact from the coronavirus is already being felt by everyone. I can't...

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Your Website and Google in 60 minutes!

Posted on 11 March 2020

I am delighted to announce that my Google Tour comes back to Chichester on Tuesday 23rd June. I am...

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