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What are Skip links?

Have you heard of Skip Links? They are hyperlinks that are usually hidden visually and they have a specific purpose: they help disabled visitors avoid having to tab through every page of navigation before they reach the main part of the page they are on. They will normally say “Skip to Main Content”

They help disabled people

This could include someone who is blind and is using a screen-reader like JAWS or NVDA, like Krista and Mede do. They are both part of my fab audit team.

This could also include someone who has no difficulty viewing the screen but their disability makes it very painful to use either a mouse or keyboard. This would include Iona, another member of my fab audit team. She uses Dragon Dictation software and if the web page has not been marked up correctly, she might have to tab through every page on the website before reaching the main content.

There is more you can do with Skip Links, of course. You will be able to read in my next few posts but just by doing the one simple thing, Skip to Main Content, makes using your website a lot easier for disabled people.

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Find out more about this

If you would like to find out more about website accessibility, we now have a website dedicated specifically to the subject! Please follow this link to visit it:

If you are interested in a free initial review of the accessibility of your website, why not book yourself a consultation?
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