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9 Accessibility Badges, all in different colours

Top 20 Google Tips #10 - Google loves Accessible Websites!

Here's my 10th tip, the one that is closest to my heart, watch this video to find out why.This... read more »

Google Vlog #09 - Google loves good code!

Here's my 9th tip, looking how important the code quality of your website is to Google! read more »

Google Vlog #08 - Google loves You Tube!

Here's my 8th tip, looking at the importance of You Tube to Google! read more »

Google Vlog #07 - Google loves HTML5!

Here's Vlog no 7!Here's how having your website coded in HTML 5 can really help your rankings with Google!Please... read more »

Google Vlog #06 - REALLY tell Google your phone number!

Here's my 6th tip, how you can REALLY tell Google what your phone number is, with a novel twist... read more »

Google Vlog #05 - Phone Numbers

Here's my 5th tip about your website an Google in 2017! It's about how an old practice with phone... read more »

web design birdham - Google Search

Google Vlog #04 - Google loves Local!

Google loves local! Clive Loseby, MD of the Award-Winning Website Design Company, Access by Design, explains in his 4th... read more »

Google Vlog #03 - Watch your language!

Here we are with Vlog #03. Here's a tiny but important tip if you don't want Google to think... read more »

Google Vlog #02 - Google is Blind

Here's my tip for today!This video is subtitled and the transcription is below...  read more »

Google Vlog #01 - Responsive Design

The "20 things about your website Google" tour is now over but if you haven't seen it yet, don't... read more »