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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the dark art of helping your website get higher rankings in Google. You probably get 50 emails a week from “experts” who are keen help you do just that, for a small affordable fee. Although, like me, you probably delete all such emails, getting your website higher up Google is something that nearly all of us want. Why? Simple, if we have a higher listing on Google, more people will come to our website and more people may make an enquiry and may even buy from us! Who doesn’t want that?

Unfortunately, as SEO is something that you may not know a lot about, you are reluctant to engage someone as you may be spending a lot of money and end up getting no more visitors to your website. If only there were a few simple questions you could ask which would allow you to at least find out whether the company that you are speaking to could actually deliver results?

Well, fret no longer, I have the questions you need to ask in this article!

By the way, I don’t sell SEO Services myself. My company builds award-winning websites that are Mobile, Tablet and Google Friendly and have been doing so for over 12 years. That’s what we are good at and that is what we stick to. However, I am personally fascinated by SEO and I am a big fan of Google!

Why do we love Google?

Why am I a big fan of Google? Simple, it is the most trusted Search Engine on the planet because they give their clients the information that they want, it really is a truly level playing field! David can truly compete on equal terms with Goliath! I occasionally give presentations on Google, if you would be interested in coming along, please drop me a line.

Before I go any further, please let me clarify that I am talking about Organic or Natural Google Rankings. This is what we all want. If you search for anything on Google, listing at the very top or down the right hand side are what is known as AdWords or Pay Per Click. Every time someone clicks on your AdWord, they go to your website and it costs you money. It can be extremely effective but it can also be expensive and, like any advertisement, only runs for as long as you are paying for it. This is what has made Google worth over $400 Billion.

Organic listings, on the other hand, are free. You cannot pay Google any money to get higher up them and Google’s entire reputation is staked on the value we all give its organic listings and its ability to give people what they are looking for, so it’s no wonder that is something we all want to have!

So, you want to get higher up Google and you come across a company who says they can help you, it all sounds very promising but it’s a bit of a leap of faith as you are not sure whether they will be able to work the necessary magic needed to get you further up Google. You may have been recommended by someone else , which is always helpful but it’s still a big unknown really isn’t it?

This is what to ask!

Here are a simple set of questions that you can ask which will tell you pretty quickly whether the SEO company you are considering can actually deliver. This is only my opinion, others may disagree of course but, as I don’t sell SEO myself, I have no vested interest in giving this information, except to help people who are considering hiring a SEO Company.

Here are the questions I would recommend that you ask:

1) What is the charging structure? Is it fixed-term or open-ended?
2) What will they achieve, specifically and within what timeframe?
3) What will be required of me?4) Do they guarantee their work?

Ask for all of these to be answered in writing. If there is anything that you do not understand, ask for it to be explained to you.

By this point, you will at least have enough information to make a balanced judgement. Question 4 may trip some companies up but would you go and buy a car without a warranty?

Remember, even if lots more people come to your website, they may still not buy from you! As long as you are able to accurately measure the performance of the SEO Company, you will know that they have done exactly what they said they would do and, like any investment, it carries risk.

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It is important to have a clear understanding of where you are today, so that you are able to make a better-informed decision about where you want to be. Before you consider engaging a SEO company, you should have a basic knowledge or your current website and where is stands in Google's eyes. This is where our website reviews come in. If you like a review of your website, please follow this link.

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