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Would you drive a Tesla with only 3rd Party Insurance?  

Posted on 3 June 2021 Cartoon of a funny electric battery-powered muscle car with a huge battery

Of course you wouldn’t! However, I am finding websites that do actually have an accessibility statement (most of them don’t), comply with Government Guidelines but still give little protection from litigation!

A dramatic statement to make but it is true. The problem is that the Government guidelines are far too narrow and they do not ensure that websites following them, are actually accessible for many disabled people!

Here is a simple example. I recently undertook an audit for a publicly-funded body. It appeared to pass the Government requirements. If you are using a screen reader, however, you are prevented from reading the accessibility statement itself and to understand what the limitations of the website might be. The Cookie Banner was refusing to let you go any further!

The statement they had originally was done in good faith, following Government guidance but it still left them wide open to litigation due to the many other accessibility issues the Government appear unaware of.

The statement that I have created for them ensures they will now be properly protected.

Your accessibility statement is your website’s insurance, get it done properly!

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