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Top 20 Google tips  #19 - Google doesn't like popups!
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Top 20 Google tips #19 - Google doesn't like popups!

Top 20 Google tips  #19 - Google doesn't like popups!

In his 19th tip, Clive Loseby from Access by Design explains why Google doesn't like popups!




Hi I'm Clive Loseby from Access by Design, I'm here today to talk about 20 things you need to know about your website and Google in 2017 (& 2018!)

No 19 Google does not like pop-ups! Do you like pop-ups? I hate pop-ups!

You know if you go into a shop and you're kind of browsing around and and then the shop assistant kind of shuffles over and it's that "can I help you?". It's that thing isn't it?

Pop-up that appear after 15 seconds, "Call us now" "Let us assist you" Why are pop-ups are bad?

Pop-ups are bad because they break accessibility guidelines. The accessibility guidelines are very clear.

Everything that is on a web page should be there from the second that you go there. Pop-ups that appear after a fixed period of time break accessibility guidelines. If somebody has got limited vision, they may not see the pop-up, Certainly that pop-up would not appear on the navigation to a blind person because it breaks accessibility guidelines it's going to be frowned upon.

If you've got pop-ups, get rid of them!

I'm not saying that "call to actions" are bad, by the way, you can have a "call to action" down the side of a page, as long as it's just repeating content that is available at the top but it must be there from when you go to the web page.

Don't pop up afterwards, it annoys people and it annoys Google.

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Clive Loseby, Access by Design. Award-winning web design, Chichester