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Posted on 12 October 2015 Run Your Own Website logo

As an award-winning web design Chichester company, we only build bespoke websites and never use templates.

However, the cost factor does mean that we are sometimes out of the price range of some businesses, particularly Sole Traders and Start Ups. We developed a low cost product some years ago, called Website Lite. This can be found by following this link. Some of our clients have been using it for some time. However this product was developed before the massive growth in tablets and mobiles, social media, You Tube and so on.

Website Lite is currently being redeveloped as Run Your Own Website and will have lots of really cool things like Social Media integration, Mobile and Tablet versions, Colour Pickers, Google Fonts and so on. We are really excited about it because it will be the first time that anyone has developed a contemporary low cost product that is coded to a high standard and is fully accessible! It will be very easy to use.

It is never intended to replace our core service of designing bespoke, responsive and accessible websites. After all this is why we won the Product Innovation category at the Business Awards earlier this year. It is rather to allow anyone to have a website that they have control of and that is built in a way that is Google-friendly and at an affordable price. Every other low cost website builder we have seen generates the most appalling code, which will mean that Google will never be interested in that website, unless they want to spend a lot of money of Pay Per Click!

This one will be different, because it is built by us. Please follow this link to sign up for our mailing list and get latest news!

Access by Design – a web design Chichester based company, meeting the needs of businesses and charities, particularly in Sussex and Hampshire but across London and the South East.

Run Your Own Website - what Sole Traders and Start Ups have been waiting for, anywhere in the UK!


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