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on February 16, 2023 at 9:42pm |Updated on February 16, 2023 at 9:48pm The Access by Design Website Accessibility Audit Team: Krista (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader),  Mede (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: JAWs Screen Reader),  Iona (Superpower: Cannot use hands, Weapon: Dragon Dictation),  Sara (Superpower: Neurodivergent, Weapon: Dark Mode), Lleona (Superpower: Blind, Weapon: NVDA Screen Reader),

If you truly wanted to find out how accessible your website is for disabled people, does it make sense to use disabled people to help you find out?

If the answer is yes then you know the first question to ask when you’re looking for somebody to work with you on improving your digital accessibility!

I’ve been working with accessible web design for 15 years.

My company created the website first fully accessible, mobile and tablet-friendly website, 12 years ago.

Yet, without my team, I can never fully assess how accessible a website is.

This is because my own disabilities do not affect my ability to interact with websites in any way.

My team, however, have disabilities that do.

Visual: some of my team use screen readers

Physical: one member of my team cannot use a mouse or keyboard and uses dictation software instead

Cognitive: one member of my team has extreme ADHD and dyspraxia and has great challenges with screen contrast, as well as the language actually used on websites.

They all share their screens with me. I record both their screens and their commentary.

This is as close as I can get to understanding what their lived experience is like.

When I share these videos with our clients, they, too, get an understanding of what they lived. Experience is like.

Our clients then understand really understand why they need to improve their digital accessibility.

My audits show them how they can do this.

With my Team, what we do truly makes a difference. I am so proud of them.

One website at a time.

Follow this link to watch my TED Talk about website accessibility: https://go.ted.com/cliveloseby

Follow this link to find out more about website accessibility audits: https://accessibilityaudit.co.uk/

Follow this link if you would like to discuss having an accessibility audit of your website: https://calendly.com/cliveloseby/accessibility-audit-free-initial-consultation

Follow this link if you wish for a 1-hour consultation on any aspect of website accessibility: https://calendly.com/cliveloseby/client-website-accessibility-consultation

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