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Posted on 5 February 2015

Large vectorised logo designed for a construction company

This was one of our first ever clients that came back to us time and time again for upgrades to their website and branding. To read the website case study, follow this link. We have worked with Hambrook for many years and hopefully many years to come!

The brief

The client wanted a strong logo for his construction business that he could put up on his van and building signs while he was working on projects. We therefore (as we always do) worked with him to create a vectorised logo that would be able to be printed to any size that the client required.

The design process

All of our designs begin with the client filling out our logo questionnaire. Once we receive this, we work with the client in order to achieve the right design for you and your business.

If you are looking for a logo that can be displayed on vehicles and large signs, give this Chichester web design company a call on 01243 776399. You can even fill out the questionnaire by following this link and once complete, email it to us by following this link.

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