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What emotions do you feel when you hear the words “Accessibility Audit?”  

on December 8, 2022 at 10:03am |Updated on December 8, 2022 at 10:03am A double drawbridge opened up with the barrier gate down and the red  light lit

What do you feel?




It is a challenging question. I had never realised just how challenging it could be.

Sometimes the drawbridge goes up, defences are erected, and fingers get put into ears.

“The website is about to be redesigned anyway”.

It is amazing how many times I hear that phrase but, after all, that is the nature of web design is it not? Always evolving, always changing.

The problem is that over 96% of the top 1 million websites this year failed basic accessibility tests.

Not complicated or obscure tests.

Basic ones.

So perhaps the new website might have accessibility issues as well?

A chat with me could prove to be extremely valuable if:

  • You are thinking of getting your website redesigned and want to know what to specify in your brief
  • You are trying to decide which web design agency to go with and want some impartial advice regarding the accessibility of other websites they have previously created
  • You have got some wireframes or static designs and want feedback on potential accessibility issues
  • You have some basic templates built that you would like tested by my team
  • You want to know about the accessibility of your current website
  • You want some feedback on a new design or feature

Very few of these require a full accessibility audit, and just having my advice could save you a lot of money in the long run.

My role is to encourage, support, train and nurture.

Maybe there is another phrase I could use instead of “Accessibility Audit” that does not create barriers?

I am very open to suggestions!

Caption: A double drawbridge opened up. There is a barrier gate down in front of it and the red light is on.

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