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Top 20 Google tips #18 - Google doesn't like disappearing content!  

on January 21, 2018 at 9:19pm |Updated on February 2, 2024 at 2:47pm

In his 18th tip, Clive Loseby from Access by Design explains the importance of making sure that you don't remove old content!



Hi I'm Clive Loseby from Access by Design I'm here today to talk about 20 things that you need to know about your website and Google in 2017 (& 2018!)

No 18: Google does not like disappearing content!

We've all done it, we've got blogs that go back years into the past and "It's an old blog don't need it anymore" and it's gone.

Problem is, if Google doesn't know that it's gone it will still possibly send people to it, if they're looking for some obscure thing that happened a few years ago.

It doesn't matter how old it is as long as it gets people on your website, it is a good thing

If you take it off and you don't tell Google that you've taken it off, it will get marked out as a "page not found" and that will affect your rankings.

It's easy to tell Google that you've taken some content down, loads of information about how to do it (is) freely (available), Google just likes to know.

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Thank you

Clive Loseby

Access by Design. Award winning web design, Chichester

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