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Pollyanna’s Kitchen. Another WooCommerce success!  

on November 26, 2019 at 10:13am |Updated on January 29, 2024 at 3:08pm Run Your Own Website Logo

It all began in the kitchen!

Pollyanna’s Kitchen is truly a home-grown business. Pollyanna Hutchinson West, the owner, had begun to make chilli condiments in her kitchen a few years ago. She was looking for a website that she could use to promote her products as well as to sell them. At the time, in 2017,  she didn’t have the budget for a full-blown shop site so instead she went for a Run Your Own Website Option 4. With a bit of clever tweaking, we were able to create PayPal buttons for her products within the website.

Overcoming limitations

PayPal buttons are a quick and easy way of being able to sell products, however they do have limitations, PayPal themselves seem to change their coding from time to time and the buttons need to be recreated from time to time. The biggest problem is that you are unable to have customer accounts. Having customer accounts makes it far more likely that people will buy your products again in future, as they can login with the username and password, just like they do with Tesco or any of the other online grocery stores.

The next step up!

Pollyanna was busy growing her business through selling her products at local markets as well as getting some fantastic reviews and articles in magazines. She was also picking up awards for her work! As you may be aware, we launched LL Pianos recently, this was our first Run Your Own Website with integrated WooCommerce. We are now delighted to announce the launch of our second such website with Pollyanna’s Kitchen!

Over time, Pollyanna has been able to build up relationships with local retailers who are able to stock her products, but having a website with integrated e-commerce means that her customers can buy her fantastic condiments round the clock!

An exciting future!

Now she has WooCommerce integrated, we should see an increase in sales and repeat business! WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce integration for WordPress and we just love how her new very refreshed site now looks.

Pollyanna is often creating new recipes to go with her fantastic products and they are all on the website, why don’t you have a look? The website can be found at

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Clive Loseby

Access-By Design and Run Your Own Website. Unbeatable web design, Chichester. 

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