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I had a wonderful conversation with a lady who runs an organisation that is focused on inclusivity, particularly with regard to working with employers, helping them to achieve an inclusive workplace. Ensuring that all the employees are treated equally, regardless of race, gender, religion or disability is crucial. It was a joy talking with her, everything she believes in chimes with what we have always striven to achieve as a web design company, in 15 years of designing and building accessible websites.

However, it soon became apparent that extending this idea to a company’s website was something that had never occurred to her.

I explained to her how the Government guidance on this issue was sadly lacking, only covering around 20% of what needed to be done. I explained how an organisation could follow the government guidelines to the letter and still face litigation!

Unfortunately, organisations are lulled into a false sense of security by having an accessibility statement that does not fully protect them because it was written by someone who does not actually understand website accessibility but instead thinks adherence to the Government guidelines is all that is needed.

Education is needed urgently!

I have my next workshop on Wednesday July 7th, it is free to attend. However, if you wish to have a free, no obligation chat, please do so by following this link:

Website Accessibility is something that affects everyone. If you are publicly funded in any way, there is legislation that you need to comply with. If you are a business or other organisation, the Equality Act applies to you!

The level of ignorance in this area is staggering and, I am afraid, applies to the UK Government just as much as anyone else, although they have a least made an attempt to start moving in the right direction!

I am hosting another workshop, spaces are limited so please book yourself on early. It is at the new time of 4pm on Wednesday 7th July.

Registration is free. I guarantee you will hear things you have not heard before and you will get some pointers that could protect your business / organisation.

Complying with the UK Government currents guidelines is unlikely to prevent litigation, come along on July 7th and find out why!





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