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Consult D’Arcy – another "client built" Run Your Own Website goes live!  

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D’Arcy Myers has worked within the charity sector at a senior level for much of his professional life. He had been running a consultancy business for some time, advising charities who are facing managerial challenges. They may have lost their CEO and need someone to step in on a temporary basis, steering the charity whilst recruiting someone to take on the role permanently, or just need some additional strategic input from someone who has a wealth of experience.

He had a previous website that was what is known as a “static” website. This meant that he was unable to change the content himself, it required a knowledge of code to do so. There were only 3 pages on it and the overall word count was low. It was also a .net domain.  A .net domain is like a .com or a .org domain, it is one that indicates to Google that the business is based in the United States. All these factors combined to produce a website that was of no real interest to Google and was really struggling to achieve good rankings.

He built it himself!

D’Arcy was very keen to build his new website himself. Run Your Own Website has 14 “How To” videos on it, which take our clients through every aspect of building their own website. He watched them all and had his website completed in a matter of a few days.

The use of imagery in a website is very important and you would normally expect a website of this nature to have standard stock images of business people in meetings and so on.  D’Arcy wanted to be different and he chose some images which were very different indeed!  We have a licence with Getty Images and he obtained them through us.

He also wanted to have a “Book a Consultation” facility on the website and signed up with Calendly, which is a web-based booking system. There is a section on the Home Page with Run Your Own Website that allows you to enter dynamic code, so with a simple copy and paste from his Calendly account, we were able to include a Consultation Booking facility.

A wonderful testimonial

D’Arcy was kind enough to give us the following testimonial:

“After a number of years with a static website I wanted to make it more dynamic and generate leads. My initial conversation with Clive gave me a better understanding of how my website could work for my business. I expected a protracted and painful experience in redesigning my site. I could not have been more wrong. The whole process was enjoyable, swift and I learnt a lot along the way. With Access By Design's Run Your Own Website I was able to build my site with their support. I highly recommend their approach and professionalism.”

Would you be interested in how your business could be transformed with a Run Your Own Website?

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Clive Loseby, Access by Design. Award winning web design Chichester

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