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How to audit your ecommerce site


How to audit your ecommerce site

Have you taken a look at your ecommerce accessible website lately? With people in the UK spending nearly £1,100 a year on average for online purchases, you need to be certain that your setup is running the right way and is not letting you or your customers down. Much of managing your setup involves ensuring you have a smooth running website that is easy to administrate from your end, and user friendly to your... read more »

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The Rise of eCommerce

The Internet has seen a revolution in recent years with the introduction of smartphones, meaning that three-quarters of UK consumers are now shopping online as well as or as opposed to in-store. It’s not difficult to see why, either, with sites like eBay, PayPal and Amazon making it quick and easy to compare prices, select a product and have it delivered as soon as the very next day, all at the tap of a... read more »

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