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We are an Award Winning Website Design Company based in Chichester
We have been recognised for our cutting edge approach to our work!
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Responsive Accessible Website Design

These days, people are viewing your website in any number of different ways – on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, widescreen monitors and even games consoles.
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Project Portfolio

We have designed websites for hundreds of businesses throughout West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, Surrey and beyond.
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Graphic Design / Branding

Branding is the key element in making your business stand out from competitors.
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Search Engine Optimisation

If your website works well for a blind person, it will work well for Google! We get fantastic results because we don't cut corners!
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Website Accessibility

What is Accessible Website Design? An accessible website is one that can be read in a number of different formats to accommodate as many different disabilities as possible.
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Run Your Own Website

Our brilliant, award-winning technology turned into an "off the shelf" product!

Let us build your dream website…

Would you like to have an up-to-date, professional website, designed specifically for your business? Access by Design, a web design Chichester graphic and website design agency, offers the latest fresh and contemporary web designs in West Sussex, tailored to meet our clients’ expectations. Our custom web development, including e-commerce solutions for small businesses , ensures you end up with the online solution you need and that people will find easily, through our amazing search engine optimisation techniques!

Let us make it look great on anything…

We don’t just create amazing, bespoke websites. We do something amazing with them. Our websites redesign themselves in a very special way, depending on what you are looking at them on. iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Netbooks, Desktops, even Widescreen TVs: in today’s modern world, people are using computers during the day, Smartphones on the way to work and iPads in the evening! It is critical that you make a cracking first good impression with every visitor, regardless of what they are using and Access by Design take pride in the fact all our of websites that we have launched since January 2011 do exactly that!

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Let us make it fully accessible …

Making your website accessible makes common sense. Let’s say you have two businesses in town, next door to each other. One has steps leading up to a old, heavy door. The other one has a smooth gentle slope leading up to an automatic door. If you are in a wheelchair, where will you go? If you have a young child in a pram, where will you go? If you have a walking stick or even heavy bags of shopping with you, where will you go? Now apply this to websites: by making your website accessible to one group of users, you make it user-friendly to everyone else. This means more visitors staying longer on your websites and more business! Not only that, the Disability Discrimination Act applies to websites and has done for many years. We are proud to be members of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers and all of our websites are at the highest level of accessibility. Every website we launch goes through exhaustive checks and it checked out by at least two people from our pool of disabled testers. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that their website is far ahead of the competition in this area as well as many others!

… and let us get you to the top of Google!

There’s no point in having a great site if no-one can find it. With us it is very simple: we aim to get your website to page one of Google for some of your chosen keywords within 6 months. The budget needed will depend on how popular the keywords are and how much work will therefore be required. We won’t start the campaign until we are confident that the budget will be enough to achieve our objective. If, after 6 months, we have delivered then you will have the option to stay with us for another 6 months. If we get your more business, you will keep paying for it, it’s that simple! We can give you a forensic analysis of how you are performing and how your competitors are. To survive in business these days, you need to get more business than your competition. Access by Design, web design Chichester, will help you do exactly that!

Talk to us today and find out how Access by Design can help you grow your business! Call us on 01243 776399 or email us: forward to talking with you!