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Windrush Holidays

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Windrush Holidays Windrush Holidays Windrush Holidays
Windrush Holidays Windrush Holidays
Windrush Holidays

A beautiful new dream website for a Holiday Lettings company!

About the client

Windrush Holidays are a family-rush holiday letting agent specialising in holiday lettings, holiday homes for sale and the unique concept of Christian holiday letting.

We met Windrush at a business Expo last year and after examining their old website, we both could see there were some vast improvements to be done as their website was outdated in its design, static and not very aesthetically pleasing.

The clients knew that their business was all about offering beautiful holiday homes for sale or to rent, therefore they needed a stunning website that truly reflected the core nature of their business. They required a vibrant new design that would really help sell their holiday homes and their company! That's where the web design Chichester based agency came in.

About the project

Being a family-run business ourselves, we knew that taking on a project of this scale was going to present us with a few challenges. Particularly as we had to use third party features like Planyo to help us with listing the properties.

We would like to draw your attention specifically to the visuals, first and foremost. The curved design on the dynamic slideshow we feel gives this website a modern, contemporary feel. This is contrasted well with the warm colour scheme which really does transport you to warmer places in the world!

The website's property search is fully functional with various search options such as the number of rooms, pets etc. which is key to provide users with an exceptional experience of the site. The function of online bookings and the ability to request brochures was a crucial feature the clients had requested and now they have both.

However, we met each challenge head on - the resulting product is a vivacious new website for this Chichester letting agent which will really showcase their business online.

Client satisfaction

Needless to say, our clients love their new website! It really pulls their lettings business up the rankings to compete with the larger companies on the web. It also features everything they needed to help their business grow. We are very happy that Windrush chose our company to help them achieve their online goals and we are very pleased with this project.

Do you own a lettings agency and think we could do something similar for your business? Please give us a all on 01243 776399 or follow this link to email us. Alternatively, simply request a free quote by following this link to find out how we could help you.