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Bespoke Wordpress Website redesign fully integrated Planyo Booking SYstem

Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website!

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Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website! Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website! Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website!
Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website! Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website!
Waves Chalet Rentals have a beautiful bespoke website!

We love helping our clients!

We have been building accessible, beautiful, bespoke WordPress websites for 15 years now. We love working with local businesses and giving them a website that will really transform their business and, just as importantly, how they feel about their business. 

Have you ever experienced this?

We often work with clients who have had a difficult experience previously. Their website is very slow to load, it may not even function correctly and every time they want to make a change to it, they either have to pay for it or they just struggle on as best they can, having had no training. This is often not the fault of the website designer. They do not understand the expertise to write their code and they buy in a template instead. 3rd party templates are used by the overwhelming majority of website designers and we understand why. After all, if you cannot write code yourself, you have to buy in someone else's instead. This is not unreasonable. The difficulty, however, comes with the fact that the client might have very different ideas as to how they want they website to look and they only discover, with a shock, that the website that was built for them bears no resemblance to what they had in their head.

This is because there was no design stage. After all, there could not be. You are buying in a template that is designed a certain way so you would not want the client to see a mockup first in case they wanted changes made. Unfortunately, this can create problems from the outset.

Waves Chalet Rentals wanted a new website

This was the experience that Hannah, owner of Waves Chalet Rentals, had with her previous website. She was given a website with no input on the design. It had a booking plugin for the rentals that did not allow clients to book their own holidays when they wanted, which meant that the entire booking and management process was more complicated that if she had just done everything with a paper diary!The website was very slow to load and the reason for this was because it was full of plugins that produced certain design artefacts. So, there would be plugin for an image slider, there would be a plugin to display icons, a plugin to display an enquiry form in a certain visual style and so on. All these plugins were piled on top of each other and it led to a very slow, unresponsive website.

Hannah had asked us to see if we could do things differently for her, which we were delighted to do. 

Always start with producing a design that meets the client's expectations

The first thing we did was ask Hannah to fill in our website design questionnaire. This is the starting point for all our clients who have bespoke websites, as it allows our clients to explain to us what they are looking for without having to actually understand websites themselves. We ask about the business, how long it has been running, what their ideal target market is, what their aspirations are and so on. The questionnaire is then given to Polly, our brilliant designer,  who then creates a beautiful design which I present to the client.We have a 100% acceptance on our designs. There may be minor tweaks in the layout of course but every time our clients have been delighted with Polly's designs and signed off on them. The website has to be built and function well in every browser, every mobile and tablet and large screen whilst also being completely accessible for visitors with any kind of website accessibility need. Polly is aware of this as she creates the design, so we are always completely confident that what we will deliver will match the client's expectations each time. 

The website build begins

After Hannah accepted the design, Polly built the website. The WordPress booking plugin was discarded and instead we integrated the Planyo booking system into the website. Planyo is a very flexible and cost-effective property booking management system and we have worked with it with a previous client, so we were aware of its capabilities. We encouraged Hannah to spend time on learning how to use the Planyo system so she would be familiar with it, once the website went live.

Full training was delivered

We gave Hannah training on the management of the website. I always deliver the training personally and it is always focussed on what the client needs, rather than just being prescriptive.  The training is done after the website has been completed and signed off. Our clients find it much easier to work with a finished site rather than having to add content themselves.The website has been live for a few months, the integration with Planyo is running smoothly and Waves Chalet Rentals is fully booked for the rest of the year. The website can be viewed by following this link.

Can we help you with your website?

Would you be interested in having a beautiful, bespoke website for your own business? Why not call us on 01243 776399 for a chat and see if we can help you? Alternatively, please book yourself in for a free 15-minute discovery call by following this link

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