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W Stirland have a fantastic new website!

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W Stirland have a fantastic new website! W Stirland have a fantastic new website! W Stirland have a fantastic new website!
W Stirland have a fantastic new website! W Stirland have a fantastic new website!
W Stirland have a fantastic new website!


A new business will tend to have its logo, branding, website, signage and other marketing material created at the same time, as they are all connected. However, it is not always the case with an established business, particularly one that is over 90 years old. Read about how launching a new website completes a redesign process that begun a few years ago.

About the client

W Stirland is a well-established and well-known construction company that was established by Walter Stirland in 1929. They have been involved in projects covering most areas of construction including: Residential, Educational, Office, Commercial, Health, Medical, Sports and Leisure. They also have a reputation for outstanding quality and attention to detail.

Their original logo, which consisted of Walter Stirlands' signature was redeveloped by ourselves, in close consultation with W Stirland a few years ago. Their previous website has stood the test of time: it was built by us seven years go, although it has undergone minor refurbishment at different times, it has remained, in essence, the same.

The challenges of designing and building a website in 2020

We had a great opportunity to work with W Stirland over the last few months in the development of a new website . Their visitor statistics have underlined that the split between desktop, tablet and mobile viewers is reflective of most websites in 2020: around 30% use desktops, over 65% use mobiles and tablets to view their website. This meant that it was very important that their website really did look at its best on each device. Both mobiles and tablets also have two modes of course (portrait and landscape) and there are more than a few different makes and models of each!

Those using desktop computers will tend to have widescreen monitors, some of them going to a very high resolution indeed, so you could be looking at having to cater for at least 6 different screen sizes. Thankfully, Responsive Design makes all of this possible and it is a technique we have been using since its inception in 2011.

Lots of different browsers!

Chrome is the most popular browser for desktop and android users, Safari is the most popular for users of Apple products. Both have their limitations, which is why we always develop in Firefox: it is the only browser that is fully standards compliant. Microsoft's own browser, Edge, is also used by many owners of desktop PCs. Building websites that meet the needs of all of these different devices and browsers is always challenging but this is something we have always striven to achieve.

Images are so important

W Stirland always hire a professional photographer to take photos of their completed projects and their project portfolios are simply excellent. They wanted their new website to look clean, stylish and be straightforward to use, with a minimum of visual effects and we are really pleased to have achieved that balance for them.

Hands-on training

Client training is integral to all our bespoke clients and we have worked with W Stirland to manage all aspects of their website. This included different strategies on organising their content and helping them understand the best way to optimise images so that they load quickly without looking too compressed. Your website is, after all, your shop window 24/7 and nearly always what prospective clients will look at when evaluating your company.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in having a bespoke website built for your business, why not give us a call on 01243 776399? We don't use 3rd party templates, our code is always our own, ensuring that your website looks at its best on every device and every browser that you customers might be using!

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