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Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach!

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Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach! Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach! Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach!
Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach! Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach!
Sorted – a Men’s Magazine with a different approach!

So what's different about Sorted magazine?

Sorted Magazine was launched in 2007 and is one of the country’s fastest growing titles. Men’s Magazine has all sorts of connotations to different people, Steve Legg, the founder of Sorted, wanted to produce a magazine that would be interesting, engaging and inspirational without being salacious. Each edition carries interviews, reviews, tech stuff with an underlying positive message. Thousands of copies are distributed free of charge to 70 prisons, members of the Armed Forces and drug rehabilitation centres.

Our website review

When we reviewed their previous website, we discovered that it was page 1 of Google for 8 keywords but actually also in Google’s top 100 for another 200! This is often the case for websites that have a lot of content and part of our website review is to discover why a website does not have page 1 ranking for more of those keywords. Being on page 1 of Google is important because the more keywords you are on page 1 for, the more visitors will come to your website. If, for example, you were looking for “web design Chichester”, you would find our website because that is an important keyword to us. You get the idea.

Sorted’s previous website was built in WordPress, using the Warwick Theme, which is available from Theme Forrest for $29. This is quite a common approach, you buy an “off the shelf” theme and build a website using your images and content. It was quite a stylish design, quite magazine-like with some nice visual transitions on some of the pages.

Google is blind, of course and isn’t interested in stylish design or nice images. Google is interested in things like build quality, accessibility, content, hosting, SSL certificates and so on. The previous website contained 69 coding errors on the home page and 23 accessibility errors. These values explain why it wasn’t being ranked more highly.

Option 5 allows for custom work

When Sorted came on board, we felt that it was important that the website retained the look and feel of the previous website whilst being of better build quality and we felt a Run Your Own Website Option 5 would be the most suitable.

There are 4 images on the sideshow and 8 featured pages shown underneath it. The featured pages automatically scroll smoothly, even on a mobile. There are also some nice visual transitions on the article pages and so on. 

Version 2 coming this year!

One of the best things about Option 5 Run Your Own Websites is that they allow us to develop our technology by introducing new features and then making it available to all our clients when version 2 of Run Your Own Website comes out later this year.

A very succinct testimonial!

Steve Legg loves the new site and was kind enough to give us the following testimonial which we think sums up Run Your Own Website rather nicely:

“great service at a great price - what's not to like?”

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