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Selsey 57

Selsey 57 Selsey 57 Selsey 57
Selsey 57 Selsey 57
Selsey 57

Unveiling our latest website, Selsey 57!

About the client

We are proud to announce that we have created another responsively designed website for this wonderfully informative, historical project. The project is packed with information and materials of the 57 men who fought for our country in World War One from Selsey, West Sussex. It features art and writing workshops and there is even a quiz if you fancy testing your WWI knowledge. Check out the site yourself by following this link.

About the project

What immediately strikes users as they begin to peruse Selsey 57 is it’s stunning use of colour and design. With the rich oranges and deep blues complementing the historical war photos, it really exudes sophistication that steers clear of looking too clinical and impersonal. As with all our projects, the site’s clear tab use and effortless navigation provides simple access to the entire site with utmost ease. We should also mention that these tabs are fully customisable by our client so they may alter them as and when they wish.

We are very proud of the Roll of Honour component on the Home Page in particular, as it is dynamically scrolling through the men who perished in the war. However, when the cursor is moved over the page, the scrolling ceases to allow the user to click on the soldier they wish to find more information about. This clever feature allows the site to have an aesthetically pleasing design element without compromising user accessibility.

The final point we would like to mention is the map section on each soldier’s individual biography. This map will show where each man lived prior to their service. This not only provides an additional insight into the lives of the soldiers, but it is also a nice design element that we are very pleased with.

Client satisfaction

Needless to say, our client is most pleased with how the site has come together as it really brings the project to life. It also demonstrates that being a non-profit organisation does not necessarily mean that all their hard work won’t reach a wider audience. You can also see Selsey 57 featured in the Chichester Observer, which is fantastic news for both the project and for us.

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