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Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution!

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Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution! Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution! Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution!
Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution! Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution!
Macrovegan – a lifestyle revolution!

Read about how Run Your Own Website was able to deliver the goods for a couple who were looking for their website to be rebuilt for the 8th time!

We recently had the privilege of meeting Marlene and Bill. They have a phenomenal level of expertise in nutrition and health, with a combined span of over 90 years experience. They have a passion and enthusiasm that is just wonderful to see, it radiates out from them constantly, whether they are consulting, teaching or writing books! They have a solid principled approach that takes into account Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom and Human Ecology. Their mission is to empower their students and clients to create a healthy way of living by learning the life skills that they have seen consistently work to improve health and happiness.

Analysis of their previous website

They have had 7 previous websites and although they are extremely proficient in producing content, they would be the first to admit that they don’t posses a high level of technical skill when managing websites. Their previous website was built in WordPress and it was built for them using an “off the shelf” theme, bought from Envato for $59. This is common with many websites: if your web designer doesn’t have the technical skill to code your own WordPress theme themselves, they will buy a template from a third party. There is nothing wrong in this approach except that, by using someone else’s code, you won’t be able to fix any coding or accessibility errors that may be present, both of which will affect the website’s Google rankings. 

The particular website used the Organic Food theme and unfortunately, the Home page contained a large amount of coding errors and even more accessibility errors. This explained why the website did not have high rankings for different keywords with Google. There were 56 keywords that were in Google’s Top 100 but none of these were on Page 1, which explained why there had not been a lot of traffic to their website from Google searches. Those 56 keywords were all extremely relevant and they would all bring in the right sort of visitors, if they were on Page 1 of Google.

Enter, stage left, Run Your Own Website!

Run Your Own Website is our flagship product. It allows anyone to have an “off the shelf” website that has our bespoke build quality. There are 5 different options available and an Option 5 Run Your Own Website allows a client to have a considerable amount of custom work done, whilst still only having to pay less than 50% of the cost of a full bespoke website.

Marlene and Bill loved the concept and bought into it right away. There was a tremendous amount of content on their previous site which we needed to bring in, as well as some development work needed to give their Run Your Own Website the right look for them. Marlene and Bill had an existing online shop using Shopify and we felt there was no need to reinvent that particular wheel at this time, so the website just links to it, as did their previous one.

The website is now live and can be seen at As with all of our clients, they have a free 2048bit SSL Certificate. They also paid for some training, to ensure they were able to maintain the website themselves, regularly adding new content, which is of course very effective with Google.

A wonderful testimonial

Marlene and Bill are just fabulous, really friendly and extremely knowledgeable. It has been a delight to have them on board and we were extremely touched when they gave us the following testimonial:

“Thank You – Thank You – Thank You –
 This is our eighth website and without a doubt Run Your Own Website is the best website we have ever had. It is the brain-child and simply a genius idea from Clive Loseby, access-by-design. In my opinion it is for sure the way forward for everyone who is looking for a user-friendly site to manage that is as easy as a.b.c. to navigate. It’s also incredible value for money.
 We are all experts in our own field, technology is definitely not one of my strong points, so I was thrilled to say the least to be given a WordPress site that I learned to navigate in a matter of days. There is nothing complicated about the set-up and if you do run into a problem, be it sizing an image, placing text in the wrong area, whatever, no matter, the team from access-by-design respond immediately. This quick response and resolution are unique in the world of websites, I can surely testify to that.
 From the beautifully designed site from Polly with the clean-cut lines, the uncluttered pages, the ease of going from blog to recipe to health coaching etc., is fast and sleek.
 Polly picked up on the energy that I wished potential clients and students to feel when they visit our site and that is without ever meeting me. I would say ingenious.
 Sonia who is simply the best teacher, I know this to be true, because I myself have been teaching for 43 years. Did I test her patience? One will never know, she teaches with such incredible ease and nothing is a problem, even when I deleted some content from the website in error, Sonia, quick as a flash logged on and corrected it for me.
 As for Clive Loseby, a gentleman and scholar who is passionate about putting all his clients in the driver’s seat, I thank him for creating this fabulous concept. No more having to pay out hundreds and thousands of pounds for a company to update, make changes, add videos, I am now in the driving seat and I love it. You will too, change to run your own website, a gem from the technological world, you will never look back."
Marlene Watson-Tara
Bill Tara


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