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Independent Financial Solutions

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Independent Financial Solutions Independent Financial Solutions Independent Financial Solutions
Independent Financial Solutions Independent Financial Solutions
Independent Financial Solutions

A brand new website for an existing Access-byDesign client!

About the client

Independent Financial Solutions (IFS) is a financial adviser in Hampshire offering a full range of private, professional and corporate financial planning and management services.

IFS have been our clients for many years and we had originally designed them a website a few years ago called You can view the old website by following this link – note that it has stood the test of time despite being built a few years back.

Later down the line, the clients came back to us with another existing website that needed a complete responsive redesign. IFS were looking to get the work done by experts in the field of clean design, easy navigation and, above all, responsive design. They therefore naturally turned to Access-byDesign. We were excited to work with them again on a new project.

About the project

It was important to the clients that the finished website looked professional yet modern and contemporary – something that is fairly challenging to do in some cases. Luckily thanks to our amazing design team, we contrasted corporate colours such as white and grey with a bold yellow to help give the site a modern edge.

The website is fully accessible to any users with a disability from a visual impairment to dyslexia. Online Accessibility is an issue we really care about as a company, striving for equality is one of our core business values and IFS’s new site was no exception.

The site also incorporated responsive design so each page is optimised to fit the screen of the user’s device, whether that is a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

Notice that all of the stock images on the site were chosen specifically by IFS. We offer all of our clients up to 20 free Thinkstock images when they get a website designed by us. In this case, the clients loved the images so much they ended up buying twice more from us! Now the site looks very sophisticated which is why we encourage our clients to use this service.


Project Update

After launch the client came back to us requesting that they have a full Chinese version of the website accessible to those potential clients they have in China. Enabling this ensures that IFS incorporates yet another accessibility element as it can not only be viewed perfectly on tablets and mobiles and by anyone with a disability, it can also be seen by those living on the other side of the world! The client hosts this version of their website on a server in Hong Kong, which led to some interesting additional challenges for us but makes it far easier for it to be seen by Chinese citizens.

What is particularly remarkable about this design is the fact that it is standard practice for the entire website to be available in other languages and is therefore more straightforward to implement. However, in this case, the clients requested to only make one section in isolation available in Chinese. Of course we did this for them, which is why our websites are award-winning and simply the best!


How could we help your business?

Are you a financial advisor looking for a responsive website redesign? If so, either email us by following this link or by calling our office on 01243 776399 and find out what this Chichester website design agency can do for your business.